2018 Florida Cup

According to Mark Taylor, “The 15th annual Florida Cup matches were hosted by University Park Country Club and director of tennis Jason Grose April 7-8 in Sarasota with the West squad winning the Cup for the 11th time by the score of 34-16. The West team won nine of ten age groups; won nine of ten doubles matches; and swept the 80’s division led by captain Gordon Hammes. Individual winners that went 3-0 on the weekend included Mark Thompson (40’s); Hartmut Liebel (55’s) and Fred Drilling (75’s).” Continue reading

Who Gets to Play?

With Mike “Rambo” Rennels

Your league team is successful and you are going to the sectionals/district playoffs.  How many players do you bring with you — and, do they all get to play, even if they are not the “best” players?  This is the question that came in from one of my good Newk camp buddies … Continue reading

Surviving Cancer

With Roy Emerson

It was 11 years ago that Roy Emerson and I were both diagnosed with prostate cancer and had successful surgery to remove it.  Both Roy and our senior tennis community were extremely helpful and supportive for me in knowing what to expect; and now, a well-known senior tournament player is looking for similar information…. Continue reading