George Wachtel is a tournament-level, senior tennis player (rated 4.5) who lives and plays his tennis most of the year in Naples, Florida. He is the author of the paperback and eBook, “Senior Tennis,” available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other book sellers. The summer months are spent on Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire – where a good friend and neighbor has a HarTru tennis court.

George started playing tennis later in life than most at age 27; but has made up for the late start by playing or practicing six days a week. In addition to playing USTA tournaments, George attends the John Newcombe Tennis Fantasy camp each year, where he has been tutored by some of the greatest Legends, including 12-time majors singles winner Roy Emerson. He and his understanding wife have two grown sons, who have fathered three budding, tennis-playing grandsons. He is a professional writer who owned and ran a direct marketing company for 30 years. You can reach him at georgewachtel@gmail.com

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  1. I saw your ad in Senior Tennis News and a young man that played on my high school team, Ron St. John, teaches in Naples. Do you know him? Keep up the good work with senior tennis. I’m interested in buying your book.

  2. I was just turned on to your site through Brent’s new videos and am very excited!! Great work!! I fyou could put me on an email list that would be great.Am returning to tournaments after a few years,very cool to be a rookie at anything at 65.

    Ron Atkinson USPTA

    Ron – you are on the list! george

  3. George,

    I have followed your blog for years, but somehow it stopped coming. Please put me back in the Q!
    I played against you and Tom many times, but sold my Naples condo and remain in Indianapolis.
    You do a great service to the tennis community and I congratulate you! John

    John – you have been on my list; but get rejected everytime with the “pearsonford” email address. i will change to this one and see if it works. george

  4. Am just starting to read your book, I am a 3.5 senior player (73) and will comment as I progress through the book. I hope I end up around 4.0, well that is my plan….john

    John. i would be very interested in hearing both about your book opinion and your tennis progress. thanks, george

  5. Hi George,
    Just watched your interview with Pete and will give your book a try. I’m a 73 yr. old expat still working over here in Islamabad, Pakistan. There’s not a lot of social life here but my wife and I love our doubles games at the American Embassy every weekend.
    Please add me to your mail list. Thanks!

  6. Dear George,
    Enjoy your blog. Great article about PF. Would you kindly put me on your list to receive this?
    Thank you, Susan

  7. Hey George,

    I’m new to you and your writings, but am a competitive senior player in CA… As it happens my sister winters in FLA and has a late Spring-Summer-early Fall house on Lake Sunapee. Small world!

    Young Riddle… i am always amazed at how small it can be! george

  8. Hi George,
    I am a 65 year young and just happened upon your website. I have been playing tennis for 30 years and 3 years ago I had a fall on the court and injured my right knee. Thinking I could “play through it” ….. I was diagnosed with ostoarthritis bone on bone in one part of the right knee so went for the partial replacement. My surgeon did warn me that it could keep me on the court for 10-15 years or the “good” side could go in 2 years. Well it was good for about 2 years and then the pain kicked in again. Problem is during that time my left shoulder became bone on bone very severely. I am a lefty. I am having a full left shoulder replacement on November 14th. This time my surgeon says that based on the MRI I have very little rotator cuff injury and he assures me after full rehab and slow progress into tennis, my shoulder will definitely be at 90 to 99%! Problem is I will probably need a revision on my right knee. My point is I was pretty down about the whole situation but reading your blog has given me great hope that if I stick to the “plan” I will be back on the court. I can’t express in words how just reading your blog has helped. BTW, I live all year in Wellington FL and the tennis down here is just great. Thank you George and all your members. Please add me to your email list.

    David, keep on truckin! george

  9. When will the East Coast Florida Tournaments be released for 2019?

    Thank you,

    Linda, i would guess in a month; and i will post as soon as i receive them. george

  10. Wondering what racquets are most preferred by seniors who compete on a national level. Thank you

    John. I am not a Raquet expert, and can’t really comment on brands, but I would say oversized. Any other comments? George

  11. Hi George,
    Am a friend of Timm Rinehart for over four decades and played tennis with him all these years.He said to receive your blog and that is why I am writing.I winter at Siesta Key and live the rest of the year in Amherst,Massachusetts area.You and Timm had great run at Payne Park.Should have finished first.

    Ashoke, and that was the year Timm had to serve underhanded! George

  12. Hi George,
    It’s David (from October 12, 2018 comment). Update – After discussion with my sports surgeon, we decided to do both a full right knee replacement in early 2019 and then full left shoulder replacement 6 or so months later. On February 3, 2019 I had a conventional full right knee replacement. My knee was pretty bad due to the failure of the partial robotic right knee replacement. The two pieces of metal were “touching.” My FKR went very well and after 5 months of professional rehap, it is feeling really good. So according to our plan, on June 19, 2019 I had a full left shoulder replacement due to extreme osteoarthitis. Luckily, my surgeon was able to confirm that there were no major tears to the rotator cuff. It is now June 24 and I can tell you that the shoulder replacement almost “nothing” compared to the TKR. The pain is much less and because it involves a shoulder you can walk around. Plus I can type on the computer. My surgeon says that within 12 weeks I will finally be back on the tennis court taking it slow to start and see how I feel. I has been a long journey for me but I am nearing the end. If anyone has questions and wants to get in touch with me, feel free to give them my email address.

    David, you are making progress! i will save your story for possible future use. thanks, george

  13. Hey, George!

    I’m not sure if this is the best method for informing you and your blog fans of some sad news I received this morning from Christy Grieco — her husband and a great tennis buddy passed away yesterday, August (Wed.) 28, 2019. Once I get the details of final arrangements is there a way you could publish it on you blog? George, I can be reached at my email address: BeautifulDay@woh.rr.com or by phone/text at 937/477-9215.

  14. Hey, George!

    Why are the comments closed on the Ralph Grieco’s status announcement? I had a few things I wanted to post about Ralph and Ralph and me.

    Bernie, sorry, the blog software controls that. But if you post here, I believe I can insert it. George

  15. Hello George,
    Enjoying reading your book…
    I developed a game called Beckyball which is a combination of Pickleball and tennis intended to be played on EXISTING tennis courts, both hard surface and soft surface.
    Please check it out on http://www.beckyball.net.
    The sport is completely free, a contribution to people who can not find an empty pickleball court or suffer from joint issues.
    Would love to discuss beckyball with you.
    yoram ariely

    Yoram, thanks for sharing the info… i did check out the link and sounds like an interesting game. Similar to both pickleball and pop tennis. thanks, george

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