George Wachtel is a tournament-level, senior tennis player (rated 4.5) who lives and plays his tennis most of the year in Naples, Florida. He is the author of the paperback and eBook, “Senior Tennis,” available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other book sellers. The summer months are spent on Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire – where a good friend and neighbor has a HarTru tennis court.

George started playing tennis later in life than most at age 27; but has made up for the late start by playing or practicing six days a week. In addition to playing USTA tournaments, George attends the John Newcombe Tennis Fantasy camp each year, where he has been tutored by some of the greatest Legends, including 12-time majors singles winner Roy Emerson. He and his understanding wife have two grown sons, who have fathered three budding, tennis-playing grandsons. He is a professional writer who owned and ran a direct marketing company for 30 years. You can reach him at georgewachtel@gmail.com

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  1. I saw your ad in Senior Tennis News and a young man that played on my high school team, Ron St. John, teaches in Naples. Do you know him? Keep up the good work with senior tennis. I’m interested in buying your book.

  2. I was just turned on to your site through Brent’s new videos and am very excited!! Great work!! I fyou could put me on an email list that would be great.Am returning to tournaments after a few years,very cool to be a rookie at anything at 65.

    Ron Atkinson USPTA

    Ron – you are on the list! george

  3. George,

    I have followed your blog for years, but somehow it stopped coming. Please put me back in the Q!
    I played against you and Tom many times, but sold my Naples condo and remain in Indianapolis.
    You do a great service to the tennis community and I congratulate you! John

    John – you have been on my list; but get rejected everytime with the “pearsonford” email address. i will change to this one and see if it works. george

  4. Am just starting to read your book, I am a 3.5 senior player (73) and will comment as I progress through the book. I hope I end up around 4.0, well that is my plan….john

    John. i would be very interested in hearing both about your book opinion and your tennis progress. thanks, george

  5. Hi George,
    Just watched your interview with Pete and will give your book a try. I’m a 73 yr. old expat still working over here in Islamabad, Pakistan. There’s not a lot of social life here but my wife and I love our doubles games at the American Embassy every weekend.
    Please add me to your mail list. Thanks!

  6. Dear George,
    Enjoy your blog. Great article about PF. Would you kindly put me on your list to receive this?
    Thank you, Susan

  7. Hey George,

    I’m new to you and your writings, but am a competitive senior player in CA… As it happens my sister winters in FLA and has a late Spring-Summer-early Fall house on Lake Sunapee. Small world!

    Young Riddle… i am always amazed at how small it can be! george

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