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Battle at the Bath

Clive Kileff

Today’s semifinals doubles match vs. Fred Drilling and long-time partner Clive Kileff was a rematch of the one two weeks ago, where I had heat exhaustion and faded in the third set.  It ended up being a wind-blown “Battle at the Bath” (i.e. Naples Bath and Tennis). Continue reading

“Your Voices Heard”

Jimmy Parker

The new National Senior Men’s Tennis Association has launched its website with their primary goal “to raise awareness, increase interest, improve the quality of senior tennis events, and provide local support to tennis communities in the United States.”

According to their president, Jimmy Parker, “Our fledgling organization has roots which go back much further than ours as we have been inspired by what the senior women have been able to achieve since the founding of their organization (the NSWTA) back in 1977. They have been urging us to get off our male butts and get organized, so that between the two organizations, we can better represent the voices of senior competitive tennis in the US.” Continue reading