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2018 Florida Cup

According to Mark Taylor, “The 15th annual Florida Cup matches were hosted by University Park Country Club and director of tennis Jason Grose April 7-8 in Sarasota with the West squad winning the Cup for the 11th time by the score of 34-16. The West team won nine of ten age groups; won nine of ten doubles matches; and swept the 80’s division led by captain Gordon Hammes. Individual winners that went 3-0 on the weekend included Mark Thompson (40’s); Hartmut Liebel (55’s) and Fred Drilling (75’s).” Continue reading

Who Gets to Play?

With Mike “Rambo” Rennels

Your league team is successful and you are going to the sectionals/district playoffs.  How many players do you bring with you — and, do they all get to play, even if they are not the “best” players?  This is the question that came in from one of my good Newk camp buddies … Continue reading

Battle at the Bath

Clive Kileff

Today’s semifinals doubles match vs. Fred Drilling and long-time partner Clive Kileff was a rematch of the one two weeks ago, where I had heat exhaustion and faded in the third set.  It ended up being a wind-blown “Battle at the Bath” (i.e. Naples Bath and Tennis). Continue reading