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What Injury?

With Chuck Kinyon in team shirts

Saturday night, after three hours of singles on a windy, random bouncing court, my wrist was so painful I could hardly cut my food at the Friendship Cup banquet dinner.  In the morning, I took a double dose of Aleve, soaked it in ice cold water, and taped up the wrist before Chuck and I took to the court for our #1 75s doubles match. Continue reading What Injury?

2019 Friendship Cup

With Jay Bochner and the mountains

This annual event between players aged 45-80 from Quebec vs. New England took place this weekend at the Waterville Valley Resort in northern New Hampshire.  Having missed last year’s episode due to having just had hip replacement surgery, I was anxious to return to singles competition for the first time in a year and a half. Continue reading 2019 Friendship Cup