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Muscle cramps?

For years, I have run the risk of ‘cramping up’ at the end of a hot and long tennis match. Like Patrick Rafter, I sweat 50-100% more than the average player; and thus lose a huge amount of fluid … and minerals.

I have searched the Internet and asked anyone with a professional opinion what they thought caused muscle cramps. No one seems to know for sure and the answers range from:

· Drink more water before and during a match

· Take potassium pills before the match

· Taking a combination of minerals

· Drink a sports drink

· Stretch more before matches

Lately, I have seemed to avoid these painful happenings with a combination of cures:

1) Fully hydrating before the match (so that urine runs almost clear) + drinking on every changeover

2) Taking a pill called Medi-Lyte (which contains Potassium Chloride, Calcium, and Magnesium)

3) And a powdered drink called Amino Vital (with a combination of amino acids)

It seems to be working; but do you know of anything that has worked for you??