Noise Hindrance

Whatever happened to them stopping the women from screeching?  There are some matches that are just too annoying to listen to because the players are loudly vocalizing after hitting their shots.

Technically a Hindrance

A player is not allowed to speak/make noise while the ball is headed toward their opponents.  And it is obvious that many of those with “extended screeches” clearly violate that rule (which is never called by the chair umpire). Seems to me that Serena not only does this, but the volume increases until she thinks she is about to hit the winning shot … and then it is almost a “victory shout.”

The Plan to Stop

In talking about one of the prime violators, Sabylanka, retired player and now commentator Todd Woodbridge, tagging the Women’s Tennis Association said “Something needs to be done about her noise and grunting on court,”

If memory serves, about 10-12 years back, the WTA finaly recognized the problem and concluded they could/should do little to attempt to change current tour players; but they were going to start a mandatory restriction on the juniors, in order to change future behaviour.  So, what ever happened to the program??

All I can say is “thanks for the mute button.”  What do YOU think, is this a problem worth fixing?

Another Life Saved

Anyone who follows this site knows of Fred, Evert and me.  Well is seems the word is spreading and other otherwise healthy, asymptomatic senior tennis players are going out to get themselves tested.

I got a call from a tennis friend in Boston who said, “George is in much better shape than I am; so if he can have a problem, I am going to have the calcium scan.”  He reported his number in the 800s (well above the 400 maximum) and has “significant blockages.”

Do you know of any other action takers learning life-saving information?

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10 thoughts on “Noise Hindrance

  1. It’s not only the ladies screeching, but the men grunting so loud that makes it impossible for me to watch the tennis without the volume muted. I find it very distracting from the match.
    Sadly, I don’t think it will ever change.
    Congrats on possibly saving another life by spreading the word.

    Michael, while there are some men that are also way too loud, it is that high pitched screach that gets to me. thanks, george

  2. The screeching is annoying, and I agree, so are the noises made by many men, not to mention the verbal lamenting and whining on the court by both men and women. I know that over the years, it was fashionable to coach players to EXHALE when stroking the ball, and maybe these noises have just evolved into an extreme, acceptable occurrence exhibited by some players. Listening to players whine, both male and female, when they lose a point, quite frankly, is just as annoying to me when I am playing on the next court as it is to hear the screeching. Maybe if we were all at a high level of mental toughness, this wouldn’t be an issue, but I wish everyone would just keep quiet! On another note, I am very happy to hear that you (and many of your tennis friends) are recovering well. There’s nothing more frustrating than being a competitive athlete who cannot pursue their passion-competing.

    Lynn, i am totally with you not liking the “whiners” … both the ones who just complain to themselves (out loud of course); but the totally irrational ones who yell and point at their “team” in the player’s box. Like it is THEIR fault the player just made a stupid error. thanks, george

  3. The grunting noises, especially among the ladies now, has become almost the norm. I noticed it with Serena now with big points, and others. think it distracts from the watching, and is annoying. If something is not done, it will become more rampant, just like the celebrations in football after a touchdown…………….and now after every “good” play………..but not after a “bad” play………….wonder why?

    Howie, yea, how about this new football thing where the whole team runs over to the end zone camera and poses! Give me a break. thanks, george

  4. Monica Seles was the grunt leader
    and when they made her quit she lost
    Now Serena grunts cause she is out of shape
    I grunt getting up out of a chair
    Naomi Osaka is quiet
    everyone else tries to one up their opponent in the grunt department.

  5. I also thought something was being done with the grunting, guess not. I know when it is really bad when my Yorkie starts howling at the high pitch screams. Have to either turn it off or mute it. The Serena / Sabalenka match was painful to listen to.

    Stay healthy everyone!

    Dave, that is one i had to watch on Mute! thanks, george

  6. Many sports have their annoying “nuances” and I agree that the screeching and grunting have taken on ridiculous proportions…How about the fist pump? It used to be limited to really special points won…it has evolved to after just about any (mundane) point…How about the coaches box? Coach, trainer, massage therapist, psychiatrist, wife/gf/husband/partner/buddy/siblings/parents etc all jumping up and down, cheering, yelling, coaching in mysterious ways, being human billboards…even promoting Serena as GOAT with goofy T-shirts. What happened to the days when the only parents I remember was Johnie Mac’s dad’s big white hat…?!

    Marco, “The times they are a changin'” For better or worse, sometimes tough to tell. thanks, george

  7. none of it bothers me. the players are out there all by themselves, fighting for their lives (financially, at least). there is such a thin line between winning
    and losing. the pressure they experience in this modern game is intense, grunting and letting out that scream, releases a lot of tension.
    if you want something that’s a problem in the grand slams (this might not be politically correct), how about equal pay for men and women when the men are killing themselves in best of 5 set matches and the woman play best of 3? i thought men and women are equal.

    Joe, spoken like a true grunter yourself! Sure the sexes are equal in PAY but not play. thanks,george

  8. This could be one of those “can’t win” or “no solution” issues….However, my wife and I loved that Osaka-Mugaruza 3 setter a few nights ago….high quqlity tennis & great sportsmanship.

  9. Comment on court etiquette – No cell phone use, unless an absolute emergency. Checking your stocks or making a lunch date is not an emergency

    Michael… agree! i think you can leave it on, in case of emergency (one of the reasons we carry them); but dont take any other calls, thanks, george

  10. About the screaming: Let’s say I’m playing George. At the 5-4 changeover in the third set I look at George and say something like this: “George, I want you to know I’m totally into this match! I’m really charged up! I’ve got tons of energy, and I’m about to kick your ass, so get ready for another loss!”

    We all know you can’t do that. But I could do what many players do; I could start aggressively screaming, louder and louder, as I hit the ball—same message, no penalty, after all, Serena does it.

    So, you’re highly competitive and charged up. Good for you. Now, shut the hell up!

    One more problem: It helps to exhale through the shot, but the max exhalation comes AFTER striking the ball, because that’s when max racket head speed occurs, because you’re supposed to accelerate through the shot, which means the racket is going faster after, rather than at, contact, because that’s what acceleration means. So, screaming AS you hit the ball is an affect whose sole purposes are to intimidate and, as an incidental effect, obscure the informative sound of the ball on the racket, both of which are a hindrance and a rule violation.

    BJ, your comment reminds of another one we should add to the list of “unwritten rules” … “No trash talking.” it is not ok to say to your opponent, who is serving at 5-4, “This is a really big game. I hope you don’t choke.” thanks, george

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