Tennis Triples?!

“Mine! Yours!”

Yes, there is a such a thing that is frequently used as a practice session.  More on this topic, a Florida tennis event update, and a George update all follow.

Triple the Pleasure

From retired Dartmouth tennis coach Chuck Kinyon,

George,  this is a great 3 on 3 game that we played at our practices.

1-  Two players back and one up to the net on each side.

2- The player in the back right put a ball in play with an underhand serve.

3- Play the point out with the player at the net attempting to cut off shots and the players in the back (who have to let the ball bounce once) keep the point going.

4- If the team that started the point wins the point they receive 1 point and serves again, if they lose the point the other team now gets to serve (not a point) after rotating one position clockwise.

5- Play until one team reaches 11 points and is declared the winner.

*Works very well for high level players but there is danger with the player at the net constantly poaching and trying to cut off balls.

**For lower level players, I would recommend green dot balls.

From Naples pro Spike Gonzales, George,  I worked with the USTA in setting up Triples many years ago.  Remind me to show you the publication we did on it. With some time to invest, I would love to give it a try.  

And finally, from teaching pro Steve Diamond, I am familiar with the concept and also play it as a drill called monkey in the middle with some of my better teams. I’m most afraid of the person at net getting hit BY THEIR PARTNERS!!

Florida Cup Cancelled

Due to the continued uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic at this time, USTA Florida has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 USTA Florida Cup tournament which was tentatively scheduled in March. We understand that this is disappointing for the players who have attended this highly anticipated event in the past. We are very hopeful that the tournament will be back on the USTA Florida event calendar in the spring of 2022, and we will be working throughout the year to explore options to provide additional opportunities for players to enjoy this popular event. For immediate questions or concerns please contact Andy Gladstone at or 407-392-4061.

Additionally, here is another good link to share with your readers for any sort of updates or cancellations that are posted on our site.

 Heart Updates

  • Been home for just over one week and doing my walking exercises, breathing exercises, and taking more pills than I like to.
  • Everything inside and the holes outside my body seem to be progressing nicely.
  • Only two problems: very little appetite and DeDe is actively encouraging me to EAT something; and insomnia (which started before the operation)… now taking a small dosage of Ambien, which helps some.  But sleeping only 3-5 a night will hinder my daytime recovery.
  • Heart rate? Still chugging along at nearly double it was when I went in (now in the 60s), which a friend says is “like jogging all day long”
  • Cardiologist: have call into one for the future.
  • Bad/good news; Evert Jonsson went home to the Florida panhandle this week (and besides playing tennis in 42 degrees!) a friend came up to him on Tuesday and said “while you were down in Naples, I followed your example and got calcium tested, then others to follow; and am going in the hospital on Wednesday for TRIPLE bypass!”  Another life saved????

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12 thoughts on “Tennis Triples?!

  1. Keep up the good work and you’ll be hitting balls this Spring !

    I actually ran a Triples tourney at my Club in NH back in the late 70s or early 80s — I cant remember the rules but it was a lot of fun !
    I’m not sure if any other clubs actually had a Triples competition, but I played with Jim Rinehart and Peter Harvey . I don’t know who we beat in the finals(it was a 2 team draw ) but we won and humbly Crowned ourselves World Triples Champions !!

    Howie CONGRats to the champ. thanks, george

  2. Glad to hear you are progressing as planned. After my 2004 stents, I found that hardest part of recovery was the mental part.
    BTW, Mary and I received our second Moderna Vaccine on Tuesday. Tuesday night and all day Wednesday were a combination of fevers, aches and pains. Mary is still feverish, I played tennis this morning and survived.

    George, DD and i put our names on the new State list. let’s see what happens. thanks, georg

  3. I have never heard of this “calcium” test before your blog. With all these lives now saved as a result of this test, why isn’t this a required test at my yearly medicare physical??

    Dave, it is not covered by Medicare (but obviously should be), with an out of pocket cost of $70-100. Do it. george

  4. But sleeping only 3-5 a night will hinder my daytime recovery.

    You may already be doing this, but if I’m not mistaken 3-5 hours at night and a 1-2 hour nap in the afternoon is healthy – and a nap can really feel rejuvenating! Good luck!

    Nick, a philosophical friend said to me, “Drink when you are thirsty, eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are tired,” so i am trying naps, when i can can one.

  5. I played a fair amount of triples many years ago. It is a very fast paced game which requires a lot of accuracy to avoid the netman cutting off returns. We used a regular serve, rather than an underhanded serve.

  6. We used to play triples during practice sessions way back when I was in high school…. many moons ago. The high school tennis team only had two courts available for most practice sessions. So it was a way to get more players on the court to practice at the same time, for players to practice different positions than their strengths, to sharpen the anticipation and volley skills of the net player, and to promote more accuracy in stroking overall (especially for the baseline players) more than anything else.

    I do recall getting whacked in the back of my head a few times when I was the net guy. Come to think of it, that is kind of when the visions started with the little green men. J/K

  7. I would like to add my encouragement to everyone to get a ct calcium score test. Here’s my experience. My annual physical in December was all very good but based on Fred, Evert, George, and others I decided to spend $100 and get a calcium score ct. The score came back good at only 79 BUT an ancillary finding showed an aneurism on my ascending aorta and the radiologist suggested I see a cardiologist ASAP. To make a longer story short, after echocardiogram and cta, I do have a mild/moderate 4.5 cm dilation of the ascending aorta. Nothing needs to be done at this time but the cardiologist will follow up in about a year to see how it has changed. I can continue to play tennis and his main recommendation was not to do any straining trying to do heavy lifting. My blood pressure is good and my heart rate has been in 40s for years. I’ve never had any symptoms and could always play a lot of tennis without getting fatigued. I also found out I have a ‘bovine arch’ heart configuration which is in about 15-20% of the population and there is some evidence that those with this are more likely to have aneurysms. So my recommendation to all of you is to get the scan and see what is says. If I never had this done now, I may have found out about it the hard way a few years down the road.

    Terry, great story. I just spoke with Fred Drilling and told him one/both of us should treat our tns raquet handle like the Old West gunslingers … except put a notch in the handle for every life SAVED! thanks, george

  8. For insomnia, do you have any baseball games on tape that you can watch?….that usually puts me to sleep…..and get some Bluebell Chocolate Ice Cream….tastes good and it’s good for you!!!

    Scoot, baseball is a great sleep aid! i have choc chip in the freezer. thanks george

  9. Sounds like you’re progressing according to plan. Good news. George Dolphin Lana and I received our 2nd Moderna shot yesterday and had the same reaction as you 2. Been in bed all day. Another couple got the shot at the same time as us and no ill effects. Go figure.

    Yours is Good and bad! Thanks. George

  10. George, Although you are having a couple issues, glad to hear you are progressing. As for you appetite, you may already tried smoothies but they can be very nutritional and go down easy without an big appetite. After any operation, sleep is often the hardest thing to regulate. Keep the faith and we will continue to pray for a full recovery so that we can see each other in October in Newks!

    Larry. Been drinking Boost. George

  11. George, I did know Julian Javier Jr but he was very young. I had his Dad with the Reds early in my career but only for one season. He was one of the best with the glove. Glad to see Jr. has become very successful.

    Larry. Thanks. George

  12. The “Triples” matches I’ve played have been regular matches – not drills. The server of each game serves to the same receiver for the entire set. At the start of the point everyone has to be behind their baseline except the receiver who can stand wherever they prefer. Once the serve is struck the entire serving team can come in, and once the return is struck the receiving team can come in. After that just play out the point and try not to get hurt. A lot of the strategy is figuring out who will return to which server. It was fun, but hard to find 6 guys that want to play.

    Terry, interesting! thanks george

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