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Dick Stockton

Here are a couple of updates and a much-needed request for support.  First, the last …

Boots on the Court

Tennis legend Dick Stockton, through his charitable foundation, hosts tennis teaching events on military bases.  With the Covid crisis, all have been put on hold; but with a light at the end of the Pandemic Tunnel, Dick is looking for support for later in this year…

Happy New Year!  Hope you and yours had a nice holiday season and that you are doing well.

We are hoping to hold several Boots on the Court events during the second half of this year.  Obviously, only time will tell, but we are keeping our fingers crossed.

We would be most appreciative if you would consider donating to our cause once again.  This is a very special program, but we can’t put it all together without the financial assistance of folks like you.  Thanks for your consideration of this matter.

Here’s hoping that 2021 will be a much better year for all of us.



Dick Stockton President & Executive Director ,Boots on the Court, Inc. 

8116 Laborie Lane Wellington FL 33414-3444 / 561-371-0036/ /

Florida Tournaments

And this from Mark Taylor, USTA Florida ….

The USTA has rolled out a new software program to enter tournaments; TennisLink is dead. While there are still a lot of bugs; this is the link to access the schedule.

You will need to filter for Adults; put in your zip code and then on the calendar put in the month (January, February. etc.)  On the left hand sidebar; Filter for Florida.  That should get you to the page and then click the tournament you want and enter.

Entry deadline for GT Bray Park is Jan. 18th with the tournament starting Jan. 25th. Innisbrook is also listed as Feb. 17-21.

As of now, SPCC is still undecided about the Raymond James Cat 2 event. It is supposed to go live this week; but as of now isn’t listed.

My Heart

The bypass surgery is now scheduled for this coming Thursday, the 21st at the Naples Community Hospital.  With excellent coaching from doubles partner Dr. Noble Hendrix for physical and mental preparation … and great counsel from Evert Jonsson for post-op procedures, I am going to be as ready as can be!  (But caution: I will be without cell phone communication for at least that day).

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My Book: if you’d like to get a copy of “Senior Tennis”, just click on the link on the upper right of this web page to go to, look at the list of places under “My Book” on the bar above, or ask me what clubs are carrying it!

40 thoughts on “Boots, Tournaments, My Heart

  1. Way too buggy for me to access the tournament website for GT Bray Park. Got a link for that site? (assuming there’ll still be such a site without TennisLink)

    Kevin, i haven’t tried (since i will not be participating!) 🙂 george

  2. We will be thinking of you this coming Thursday and wish you the best of luck with the surgery.

  3. George,
    Good luck!
    Know you’ll do just great!
    P.S. Thanks for the information on helping Dick Stockton. Will let him know that if he needs any help in CT, I’ll be happy to pitch in.

  4. Best wishes for a speedy and healthy recovery. Who is your surgeon? Is it someone from the NCH Heart Group?

    Doug, yes, Dr. Brian Solomon (from CT and went to UCONN!) george

  5. Best wishes on your surgery. You should be good-to-go for another 25 years after the bypass! Probably be a tournament category for 105 year-olds by then.

  6. George,
    Sending prayers and good healing wishes to you for your procedure and the road ahead.
    God bless you.

  7. To us technically challenged. I dont see where you can find out who has entered and for tournaments in progress I don’t see the “old” draws and seeds that we are used to seeing? Will continue to experiment.

  8. I’m sure you’re getting your game face on George and thinking positive thoughts, visualizing great results. No different from when you prepare to serve…Okay I’m ready and I’m confident I’m going to hit this serve IN.

    I will say a prayer for your successful surgery and speedy recovery.

  9. You will do great George. Stay positive, start rehab as soon as possible, and you will be back on the court soon.

  10. Good luck on Thursday George. Rooting for you and looking forward to getting back on court with you soon. All the best for a speedy recovery. You’ll be able to move over to the backhand side now!!

    Hank, don’t think they can do anything to me that would make my backhand better than yours! thanks, george

  11. Best of luck, George… you’ll be even faster around the court!!
    Speedy recovery and a speedy return to working out and tennis.

  12. George you’ll do great and be back on court feeling better than ever. I look forward to seeing you on Team Wanker in October.

  13. Best wishes George for a successful procedure and I’ll look forward to seeing you back on the court before too long.

  14. All the very best on Thursday! I’m certain all your strokes will be better! Get back quickly as everybody appreciates your efforts on this site.

  15. Best wishes and good luck on the upcoming surgery. Your high level of fitness
    will get you through in A-1 shape!

  16. George,

    I certainly hope Dick can get his “Boots on the Court” again in 2021. It is a great program and I know it means a lot to him. Good luck on his fund raising.

    Good luck to you on your surgery and subsequent recovery. We will be praying for your surgeons to do their best and for you to have a successful surgery and quick, full recovery. God Bless


  17. To answer your question from the last post, I admire proactive patients! Particularly when they are as logical and thoughtful as you have been. You may well have saved your life . I will be thinking of you as you recover and look forward to seeing you at Newk’s!

  18. Hey George,
    Andrea and I wish you the best on your upcoming surgery. I am sure a new man will be on the courts shortly.

  19. Prayers are with you Thursday and during your recovery ! Always looking forward to seeing you in Florida , but probably not this year . Heal up strong !

  20. George, on my knees early this morning lifting u up to the good lord. Know he is holding u close to his heart and in his strong arms. Thank u for your wonderful articles. They bless and inspire me. I especially enjoy your jokes. SomeAre funnier than others. I share them with my flock and they bring smiles to their faces. You are such a blessing to so many people, especially me. I want to play u in tennis the day after your surgery and maybe I can win a game! Know everything will go well as u have so many people in your corner, especially the good lord! If u need me for anything, I am right here for you. God bless! Your friend and brother, brother George mathison

  21. George

    Been there done that. 4X /2004.
    Still skiing and still a singles hacker.
    You will feel so much better.

    You will be just fine; and Mary and I will be thinking about you on Thursday.
    Low to high!

  22. You will have half of SW Florida praying for you then so you are in good hands buddy and just think how muxh more energy you are going to have than before with everything flowing beautifully. You’ll be better than everyonr.

  23. All the best George. Sounds like you are in great hands. I’m sure you will be an awesome patient and your recovery will go well.

  24. I will be thinking of my long time Wankers doubles partner on Thursday and wishing you a successful surgery and speedy recovery! You came back quickly from your hip surgery and I am sure you will so so this time as well.

    All the best, and hope to see you at Tennis Fantasies in October! Tom

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