Tournaments and Rankings

Mark Taylor, USTA Florida

There is (negative) news about the upcoming Florida tournament season; but also some surprising new national ranking information, with some familiar names near the top.

Tournament Update

According to USTA Florida’s Mark Taylor, “Sterling Oaks CC in Naples was set to host both the NSMTA doubles only event the first week in January as well as the Cat 2 tournament two weeks later. Sterling Oaks has decided to CANCEL both tournaments; which coupled with World Tennis Center opting out of their event means there will be no senior tournament tennis in Naples in January.”

“More negative news came as the Lennar corporation (which owns the property of Lakewood National) has decided against holding any outside events until further notice. This means that the Lakewood National SSGP scheduled for February 1-5 has also been CANCELLED for ’21.”

As of now (November 18); the West Coast SSGP is down to just three remaining tournaments left:

January 25-29……….GT Bray Park (Bradenton)

February 8-12……….Meadows CC (Sarasota)

February 22-28……..Raymond James Cat 2 @ St. Petersburg CC (St. Petersburg)

Florida Cup

Mark Taylor also reported, “The 2021 Florida Cup has secured a host facility for a weekend in March at PGA National Resort and Spa in Palm Beach Gardens. The specific weekend hasn’t been decided yet as PGA National is hosting the Honda Classic PGA Tour stop that month and the PGA golf schedule hasn’t been finalized as of yet and the Cup will be held either the week before the gold or the week after. Stay tuned for further updates on this event.” 

“I’m asking for interested players to contact me at and let me know if you would like to be considered as a captain, or as a team member.”

New Shadow Rankings

According to the USTA, “In order to inform players about the transition and provide a set of data to be reviewed by the USTA before official implementation in 2021, the USTA will be calculating “Shadow Rankings.” Shadow Rankings will be an unofficial National Standings List (NSL) based on 2020 results using the new 2021 ranking tables. Unlike an official NSL, Shadow Rankings will only include 2020 results and therefore will not include a full 12 months of play, only the results to date this year, and they will not be used for any official purpose in 2020.”

Here are some highlights from selected age groups…

65 Doubles

9Howard AmesSalem, MANew England/Eastern Massachusetts5,367
11Philip LandauerNaples, FLFlorida/Region 74,932
16Tom McGinnisNaples, FLFlorida/Region 73,417
20Edward YablonskiFort Myers, FLFlorida/Region 72,802

70 Doubles

1Mas KimballOak Bluffs, MANew England/Eastern Massachusetts9,198
9Bob WilkieSunapee, NHNew England/NH4,995
10George DalphonNaples, FLFlorida/Region 74,995
11David WendtChevy Chase, MDMid-Atlantic/Maryland4,841
12Andre MaroisSarasota, FLFlorida/Region 54,703
13Stephen ShreinerFrankfort, MIMidwest/Northern Michigan4,703
17Larry AlbrittonLehigh Acres, FLFlorida/Region 74,155
18Frank BovaFort Myers, FLFlorida/Region 74,155

75 Singles

2Hank IrvinePlacida, FLFlorida/Region 75,284
6Evert JonssonMiramar Beach, FLFlorida/Region 13,949
8Fred DrillingEstero, FLFlorida/Region 73,413
13Bobby HamptonChicago, ILMidwest/Chicago2,765
17Thomas La PennaWilliamsville, NYEastern/Western Region2,354
18Hugh ThomsonNorcross, GASouthern/Georgia2,342

(Where is Don Long’s name????)

75 Doubles

1Evert JonssonMiramar Beach, FLFlorida/Region 19,542
2Hank IrvinePlacida, FLFlorida/Region 79,542
3Fred DrillingEstero, FLFlorida/Region 77,836
4George WachtelNaples, FLFlorida/Region 77,504 🙂
7Clive KileffChattanooga, TNSouthern/Tennessee7,245
8James HendrixBoone, NCSouthern/North Carolina7,071
9Edward UnderwoodNaples, FLFlorida/Region 75,673
12Dave SpilsethWayzata, MNNorthern/4,654
13Tom McCuneNaples, FLFlorida/Region 74,654
14Chuck KinyonNaples, FLFlorida/Region 74,088
15Donald KeenanNaples, FLFlorida/Region 74,088

80 Singles

1Joseph BachmannSarasota, FLFlorida/Region 55,734
2Frank HagelshawThe Villages, FLFlorida/Region 24,253
5Raymond BrodeurAvon, CTNew England/Connecticut3,658
7David L WeberOMAHA, NEMissouri Valley/Nebraska3,330
11Glenn GibsonLoveland, COIntermountain/Colorado3,018
12Ray BellamyTallahassee, FLFlorida/Region 12,772
14Dag WilliamsonChelmsford, MANew England2,580
15Nicholas OurusoffNew London, NHNew England2,400

80 Doubles

1Michael FensterNaples, FLFlorida/Region 79,071
2Matthew DavieNaples, FLFlorida/Region 77,779
3Frank HagelshawThe Villages, FLFlorida/Region 27,484
5Raymond BrodeurAvon, CTNew England/Connecticut5,925
6Glenn GibsonLoveland, COIntermountain/Colorado5,801
7George PestrueStandish, MIMidwest/N.E. Michigan4,512
11Richard ValentineNaples, FLFlorida/Region 72,718
12George LynchJamestown, RINew England2,679
13Nicholas OurusoffNew London, NHNew England2,661

85 Singles

3Gordon HammesNaples, FLFlorida/Region 74,253

For the full listings, click HERE

Comments on the tournaments or the Shadow Rankings????

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6 thoughts on “Tournaments and Rankings

  1. I don’t understand a ranking system that has Jimmy Parker ranked #23 in 75 singles and Don Long ranked #22…I can’t imagine any tournament director not putting Jimmy at top seed. They also have Jimmy and Ken Robinson ranked #29 and #30 in 75 doubles??

    Doug, and me at #4 … doesn’t seem to make sense, does it?! george

  2. Responding to Doug Brunner’s comment: Shadow rankings are based on 2020 participation and tournament play – not so much on who would win in head to head competition or a tournament – which a knowledgeable seeding chair or tournament director would use.

    Dag, thanks for the clarification. george

  3. Congrats to all those guys in the rankings….way to go!….and sorry that the annual Naples “Sr. swing” is yet another Covid victim.

    Scoot, not as much as we all will miss it! thanks, george

  4. Just to set the record straight, Sterling Oaks never agreed to host two tournaments in January. We were asked to do the doubles and Cat II but could not accommodate both. We agreed to do the doubles because it would be a smaller, more manageable event. Just this week, Paul Barrus was informed that the USTA National Adult Committee cancelled the doubles. We had nothing to do with that announcement.

    I don’t know where all this misinformation is coming from, but it is making Sterling Oaks look bad when we are just trying to make things happen. Paul and Mark Vines even discussed moving our respective tournaments to April and doing them back to back to provide some incentive for people to travel to Naples, but that idea was shot down by the USTA, too.

    I hope everyone understands that there are people who are trying hard to make something happen for tournament-hungry players. We would appreciate it if other people check their sources before disparaging those making the effort.

    Thanks for allowing me to vent.

    Jim, thanks for your perspective. George

  5. Here is an off subject question that so many people with so many years of experience should answer easily.
    Who’s call is this. If a player appears to reach over the net before hitting a ball. Is it his call to say he is sure he didn’t reach over or their opponents call because they are sure he did.

    Dave, I believe… like double bounce, intentional double hit, and touching a ball as it passes by… it is the hitter’s call. Thanks. George

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