Tournaments, Medical, and More

Evert walking the halls

There is a lot going on (or not going on) in the senior tennis world; so here are several items that may be of interest…

Evert Update

World class senior player and double bypass surgery survivor Evert Jonsson is on the mend and at home now.  He reported on Friday, “Moving along. All draining pipes removed together with electrical backup wiring (In case of manual restart). It sounds like only walking for 30 days. Also, no driving for 30 days.”

I truly believe that the exposure given to the “surprise” heart problems of Fred Drilling and Evert will save at least one senior tennis life (maybe mine!).  So I hope everyone heads the word, gets tested, and watches for subtle warning signs.

Tournament Updates

World Tennis – “Hello George and the Many Senior Men Tennis Players!
Unfortunately, our BOD decided to shut down our upcoming “West Coast Super Seniors Men Grand Prix at World Tennis Club” in January. This is in response to the continued spread of Covid-19 as all the snowbirds are beginning to flock down here. We do hope to again be on the schedule for January, 2022. Please have a safe, competitive, and victorious Tournament play in 2021!”

Mark Vines…Director of Tennis @ World Tennis Club…Naples, Florida

If you want to read a great NY Times article on Mark Vines success as a pro, click HERE

Sterling Oaks – “I hate to be the bearer of bad news, especially after Mark’s post, but Sterling Oaks confirmed today that shutting members out of courts for a full two weeks in one month will not work, so we will be hosting only the doubles tournament, not the Category II event. Given our Board’s early shutdown in the spring, I would say there is a good chance that even that won’t happen if COVID rears its ugly head again in January. I think we need to put some kind of event together for the locals to play in. Otherwise, there are going to be a lot of guys pulling their hair out by the end of the month.” Jim Flath

The Best Knee Surgeon?

“Hi George,

Recently hurt my knee down here and may need to see a specialist as I can hardly walk. Do you or any of your friends recommend a good doc around Naples?”  Dave Unger

Dave, my hip surgeon (who also does knees) was Dr. Zehr; and I highly recommend him.  I also highly recommend the facility, which is the relatively new Landmark Hospital.  From their website, it “is home to The Joint Care Center at Landmark. It features the Synexis™ Biodefense Systems’ patented dry hydrogen peroxide whole-building continuous environmental disinfection system.”  But I am sure there are many other good choices.

What surgeons do YOU recommend to Dave for knees?

Larry Turville Fundraiser

Keep alert for an opportunity to help remember the gentle giant of men’s senior tennis, who passed away in early October.  There is a GoFundMe fundraising page in development.

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10 thoughts on “Tournaments, Medical, and More

  1. The SSGP event at GT Bray Park in Bradenton has been moved to a new week in an effort to give Manatee county Parks and Rec department the maximum time that I can in order to host their tournament. Alternate venues and dates were explored and were unsuccessful. The tournament is now scheduled for February 15-19 which is the week that was vacated by Palm Aire when they opted out last month.

    The Meadows Country Club in Sarasota is in for the week of February 8-12 according to tournament director Don Caprio. They are in their normal week and will follow Lakewood National.

    University Park Country Club in Sarasota has opted out of hosting the ’21 Florida Cup matches. The Cup will be held on the east coast next spring in March at a venue and weekend to be determined.

  2. George, thanks for adding the link to Joel Drucker’s excellent article on Mark Vines professional career – the details of his run to winning the Paris Masters reads like a good novel.

    Winder, he did have a story-book week in Paris! thanks, george

  3. Having had seven knee surgeries since 2004 and having met dozens of fellow travelers I physical therapy sessions since 2017, I would go to Dr. Raymond Kim at the Vail Steadman Clinic in Colorado, Agassi and many other athletes surgery hospital of choice. For knee revisions and total reconstruction surgery, one of the nation’s best is Dr. RonLd Hugate, who is with Panorama Orthopedic in Denver. Hugate did my right knee reconstruction surgery on September 9 and did a great job with a challenging situation Hope to be back on the court next year.

    Tom, and if anyone knows about knees, it is YOU! thanks, george

  4. Hi Dave!

    I looked at three knee surgeons in January and I believe that they are the best in
    our area. I had robotic knee replacement late February with Dr. Biggs, Institute of
    Joint replacement, and it was a success. Replacement will never be perfect, but I am
    on the courts with no pain and can sleep at night. Dr. Zher who George had, is also great
    and Dr. Guerra, who does a lot of shoulders, can also do knees. Can’t go wrong with
    any one of these. If you want further info, feel free to give me a call.

  5. In 2007 I had double knee replacement with Dr. Morten Bertram, originally from Cincinnati. He was recommended by my next door neighbor, golfer Peter Jacobsen. Peter said he had operated on him and Johhny Bench. After checking with other people I decide on Bertram and it was the best decision. I had no pain after, was on a treadmill in 7 weeks and hitting tennis balls in 8 weeks. Since then I have never had any pain or soreness and my range of motion and mobility is still good. I had them checked 2 years ago and Bertram said, considering the amount of singles I play, they still look great. He has been one of the top knee and hip doctors in the US for years. I believe he has a new office near NCH downtown and also Bonita Springs.

  6. I’m sorry to read about those cancelled Sr. Tournaments, but I’m not at all surprised. The Covid virus IS in charge, as the CDC famously declared back in March, and it will stay in charge until a reliable vaccine comes on the scene….next April or May perhaps? Stay safe, wear a mask, play tennis. Scoot

    Scoot, i want “normal life” back ASAP! thanks, george

  7. Let’s rely on Matt Davie to set up challenging doubles to replace Our tournament play

    Clive, yes, “The Matt Davie Senior Doubles Tournament”!! thanks, george

  8. I really enjoyed the article on Mark having watched him develop as a junior
    in Richmond.We played at the same HS albeit 7 or 8 years apart.I played with
    his older brother Rick,not the same level obviously.
    I watched Mark fight off 6 or 7 match points against Pat Dupre in a qualifer
    for the right to get killed by Nastase.

  9. In South Florida (Boca Raton) I would highly recommend Dr. Howard Gelb. He limits his practice to knees and shoulders (no hips). You may recall he fully replaced my right knee and left shoulder as I am a lefty. Serve has never been better. No pain and great range of motion. He concentrates on athletes and his office is almost across the street from the Everet Academy in Boca. Past patients are pro football, weight lifters, MMA, etc. Physical therapy is in the same office and they are the best.

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