2021 Florida Tournament Schedule

Mark Taylor

With the lingering effects of the Covid shutdown impacting all, many senior players are looking forward to the resumption of “normal life” next year; and at the top of that list is the status of the Florida Super Senior Grand Prix series.

The Planned Schedule

Mark Taylor, USTA Florida, Florida Cup Commissioner, provides this latest information… “Here is the 2021 SSGP schedule as of now. As with seemingly everything these dates and/or clubs are subject to change but as of now this is what we have.”

January 6-10……NSMTA Larry Turville Memorial Super Senior Doubles Championship (Sterling Oaks CC; Naples)

This event now in its fourth year and is moving to Sterling Oaks Country Club in Naples. Rogelio, who has been at Sanchez-Casal, will be relocating over to Sterling Oaks and team up with Paul Barrus there. According to Mas Kimball, “the event will continue to be a doubles only event, ages 55 – 80, played in a flight round robin format with single elimination playoffs for winning teams from each flight. Depending on the number of entries, we will attempt to guarantee every team at least 3 matches.”

January 11-15…….World Tennis Center; (Naples) (This event is a newly designated Category 3 event; no ITF points). 

“Congratulations to Mark Vines and his team of staff and volunteers for obtaining this upgraded designation. The highly rated event annually by participants will be January 11-15 and is a go to be held at this time.”

January 18-24…….Category 2 National (Sterling Oaks CC; Naples) 

“This event is also moving from Sanchez-Casal and will be returning to Sterling Oaks where it was held previously and is a go to be held at this time.”

January 25-29……GT Bray Park (Bradenton)

“The situation in Manatee county is a difficult one right now (see Longboat Key cancellation).  The location and dates on this are tentative right now and an alternate venue and dates are being explored. I will have more on this week as the calendar advances.”

February 1-5…..Lakewood National (Lakewood Ranch)

“This tournament is confirmed and will be held.”

February 8-12…..Meadows Country Club (Sarasota)

“The week is locked in and the tournament currently is tentative; I will have more on this as the calendar advances.”

February 15-19…..Palm Aire Country Club (Sarasota)

“Palm Aire Country Club has opted out for the 2021 season.”

February 22-28…..Raymond James Category 2 National (St. Petersburg CC)

“Tommy Judson is no longer at the club as the tennis director; and has been replaced. The facility is going to host again and probably will be streamlined a smidge with some of the off court amenities. This is currently a go and will be held.”

“I will update more as we move along calendar wise; the above is what we have for now. Things are fluid and can change seemingly day to day. Not much surprises me these days.”  Mark Taylor

Thanks to Mark for the work in putting this series together and for this update… and check back here for further updates.

What are YOUR plans for the upcoming tournament season??

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8 thoughts on “2021 Florida Tournament Schedule

  1. So happy to see they will be honoring Larry in the first event and glad to see we will be back at Sterling Oaks…can’t wait!

    Doug, all good so far! george

  2. Hi, George,

    Mark is correct in stating that our Super Cat II (now Level 2, I believe) to be held at the ST. Petersburg CC in February will be a “skinny” tournament, owing to Covid precautions. Suzanne and I officially retired last year after 10 years of co-chairing the event. But our energetic new tennis director—Sanne Lauwers , who hails from the Netherlands—prevailed on us to help out one last time. So we will be serving as limited advisors to the tournament.

    We have long recognized that our tennis center is not state-of-the-art and have tried to compensate with more off-court amenities, seeking to provide the best player experience possible. Our popular Awards Banquet/Dinner Dance with live band will not be held to avoid a “super-spreader” event. And some of our wonderful sponsors (including some great eateries) are not expected to participate. These generous sponsors helped us pay the highest prize money on the circuit in recent years.

    But, importantly, we are making plans for a Celebration of Life to honor Larry Turville during the tournament. Larry played much of his junior tennis at our club and was clearly St. Petersburg’s greatest gift to tennis. All players are welcome to attend and we hope to be unveiling an appropriate monument to Larry at that time. Details will be provided later.

    Mark and I had a good discussion about how attendance may fare at the SSGP events. With the suspension of most tournaments last March, we agree that there will be a big pent-up demand for competitive play. Offsetting that will be the reluctance of some players to travel long distances by air to participate. So the tournaments may become more regional in nature. But by any measure, it will be great to return to the courts and to our more normal tennis lives.

    Jerry, thanks to you and all the others who make this series the success that it has been (and will continue to be)! george

  3. Great news! I’ll make my plans to play in all of them again this coming year. Thanks to everyone who is working hard to make this possible. Iron Man.

    John, you are, in fact, The Iron Man! george

  4. Agree w/Doug B, above, in kudos for honoring Larry T…..well deserved. I hope to play the 3 Naples tournaments in Jan….IF Covid doesn’t take over (…and it might!). Stay safe….wear a mask! Scoot

  5. Thanks for publishing dates for 2021. Generally have not been getting there until January and then try to find places to stay is like last minute – this advance helps a ton.

    Lance, but be forewarned … “schedules are very subject to change” due to covid. george

  6. Hello George and the Many Senior Men Tennis Players!
    Unfortunately, our BOD decided to shut down our upcoming “West Coast Super Seniors Men Grand Prix at World Tennis Club” in January. This is in response to the continued spread of Covid-19 as all the snowbirds are beginning to flock down here. We do hope to again be on the schedule for January, 2022.
    Please have a safe, competitive, and victorious Tournament play in 2021!
    Mark Vines…Director of Tennis @ World Tennis Club…Naples, FL

    Mark, i had heard the rumor. Sorry to hear that; and i will post this message on a new post over the weekend. thanks for trying. George.

  7. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, especially after Mark’s post, but Sterling Oaks confirmed today that we will be hosting only the doubles tournament, not the Category II event. Given our Board’s early shutdown in the spring, I would say there is a good chance that even that won’t happen if COVID rears its ugly head again in January. I think we need to put some kind of event together for the locals to play in. Otherwise, there are going to be a lot of guys pulling their hair out by the end of the month.

    Jim, if someone wants to “shoot the messenger,” we both better duck! i will post. george

  8. Just saw Mark and Jim’s posts on cancelled tournaments – understandable but unfortunate – sucks!

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