Time Flies When …

During the peak of the Covid shutdown, it seemed to me that time really dragged by; but now that things (i.e. tennis) are getting back to normal, time seems to be flying by.

Where’d the Summer Go?

The last time I looked, it was the start of July and we were facing our first summer spent in Florida (instead of driving north to DeDe’s New Hampshire homestead on Lake Sunapee).  But all of a sudden now, it is the fall and the summer is over!

First, a comment on the Florida summer… yes, it was regularly hot and humid; and you had to pace yourself playing tennis; but it was doable (not that we don’t plan on The Wachtel Family Traveling Circus traveling north next summer).

Living in Slow Time

One of my favorite authors, Stephen King wrote of a conversation between a grandfather and his grandson (in one of his short stories, I believe).  The old man said something like, “Son, you live in Slow Time … where you sit in class at the end of the school year and watch the clock as the seconds tick by.  I live in Fast Time … where I ask why they are already putting up Christmas decorations and realize it is November.”

So, perhaps it is just a factor of age; but I don’t think so.  During the Covid shutdown, we all could get some form of exercise: walking, biking, hitting on a practice wall.  But what we lacked was the social interaction of being with our friends.  That isolation, I believe, is what made the time drag by; and has now allowed it to speed up once again.

Psychologists report that same kind of social isolation is negatively impacted children who had been out of school for many months; and some of whom are now dealing with “virtual school.”

How about YOU, what sense of time passing do you have?

P.S. On CT Calcium Scans – Thanks to Evert and all the other responders, I have scheduled my test for next week!

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7 thoughts on “Time Flies When …

  1. Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end you get, the faster it goes!!
    Enjoy all you can do and do all you enjoy.

  2. Life is like a roll of toilet paper. With each passing day , it goes faster and faster.

    Scott. Great minds? Thanks. George

  3. Time drags for me whenever I can’t play doubles a few times weekly, so its complete ban in Massachusetts from mid-March to mid-June was very painful. Life has been great for the past four months, but I’m fearing November indoor limits as COVID numbers rise.

    Pete, come down to the sunny south and play outdoors! george

  4. No time to comment….running to the grocery store to buy more toilet paper!!!!

    Scoot, i have plenty left over from my Covid hoarding! george

  5. A mathematician friend of mine suggested that the reason time seems to pass more quickly as we age is that as we get older, each day represents a greater percentage of the remaining days of our lives.
    Therefore, make the most of every day of your life even when the going gets tough.

    Michael, good advice! thanks, george

  6. Time flies for the busy person. I can’t say that I can remember ever being bored. I have always been busy. Even at 77, I always have something I can do. Even during this pandemic. I am still involved with my business which is in it’s 49th year. In March while still in Florida, I billed out 135 hours. When north, May through October, there is always some project or projects to keep me out of trouble. Our northern home of 44 years sits on two acres of trees and we spend a lot of time here reshaping the landscape. We have also added six additions to the house. I wake up early in the morning and the next thing Marilyn says did you eat any lunch today, it’s 5:00.

    I hope all of my tennis friends have weathered this pandemic and I look forward to again being back on the tennis courts with you in November.

    Walt, keeping busy speeds time! thanks, george

  7. Remember when you were 7 years old? On October 8, Christmas seemed to be an eternity away. For a 70 year old granddaddy, October 8, Christmas seems to be right around the corner (time flies!).

    A year for a 7 year old is 1/7th of one’s life. For a 70 year old it’s 1/70th of one’s life.

    Alan, the math is the math! Thanks. George

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