Warm-up Tips

Some players just walk onto the court and start hitting the tennis ball for a league or tournament match.  Others have patterns they go through to warm-up for a match or practice on off days.  Here are some thoughts…

When To Do It?

Seems like the pros have a serious on-court hit several hours before they play a match.  After that, they have whatever their pre-match meal is.

For me, I feel most comfortable warming up within a half hour of tournament match time.  And perhaps different from others, I actually prefer warming up on a practice wall instead of on the court with another player.  The wall gives me a chance for better mental focus and a series of shots that I want to work on for warm-up.

What To Use?

With a tip from veteran Evert Jonsson, I tried using the “Green Dot,” lower compression ball to hit on the wall … and really liked it!  The lower compression has the ball come off the wall in a better hitting position and pace than the lively “regular” ball.

What To Do?

In addition to the obvious forehands, backhands and serves, I like the wall to work on reflex volleys.  If you stand within five feet of the wall and hit volleys on the fly, it will really improve your hand-eye coordination and especially prepare you for a high-level doubles match.

Also, if you stand close to the wall and hit the ball DOWN in front of the wall, it will come up and give you some practice overheads to hit.  There will be less ball chasing if the practice wall has side walls on it – and you can do this exercise parallel to the main wall.

How about YOU, what are your warm-up steps?

Florida Tournament Update

If you are interested in playing in the Florida Super Senior Grand Prix tournament series, the 2021 schedule should be ready for release by mid October, according to Mark Taylor, USTA Florida.

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7 thoughts on “Warm-up Tips

  1. Where do you purchase the green dot balls? I would like to try them.

    Ron, you can get green dot balls at most any tennis shop, online at Amazon, MidWest Sports, etc. George

  2. Green dot balls are a great idea !! I have been using them when I first
    got out of the hospital.I have continued to use for hitting with the wall.
    You hit more balls and do less chasing,I sometimes use the orange dot
    balls to warm up as well. I’m lucky I have tons of both from my kids clinics
    with the usta.

  3. Warmup is also a good time to work on your line calls: “sorry, just out;” “missed the line by a skosh;” “nope, almost;” “it was out by THIS much; “close, but no cigar.” Work on having your voice drip with sincerity and empathy.

  4. Before both tennis matches and softball games i go through an abbreviated version of Larry Star’s warm-up exercises. I have now broken a sweat and am ready to play.

    maybe you can send out that one pager to your blog folks.

    Rambo, good idea. thanks, george

  5. George, I like to set aside about 30 minutes before a match to prepare for how I want to feel and play during my match. For me, practicing with my doubles partner helps us get physically acclimated (hitting various strokes), to get loose, and to get your timing right. Another important purpose, is to put you and your partner in the right mental attitude as well. By talking strategy and discussing signals, you both have a game plan
    to stay energized and positive. So, when the match starts, there should be no whining, no excuses and no negative self-talk.

    Glenn, I couldn’t agree more! Thanks. George

  6. Thanks for continuing the useful tennis info, building on “Senior Tennis”. Will look for green balls while I look for a practice wall.

    Mike, hope they both work well for you! thanks, george

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