Tournament Update

A Very Tough Tournament!

Many players enjoy the challenge and camaraderie of participating in senior tournaments.  So here is an update on some of those events…

New England

According to Ken Miller, The Clay Senior Slam (August) was very successful with 69 players, more players than the July Clay Senior Slam. The 55 singles had the largest draw with 32.

But the Grass Senior Slam scheduled at Newport RI has been cancelled as has the NSMTA Senior Doubles on Martha’s Vineyard.

But, the Clem Easton tournament, originally scheduled for June has been revived with a new date of October 8-11.

Longboat Key

“As much as I dislike having to inform everyone of this, but because of the Covid-19 virus, this year’s Longboat Key tournament has been cancelled.

We had continued to hold out hope that the situation with the virus would improve.  Unfortunately, with the increasing numbers, the city of Longboat Key, as well as many of the facilities that we use, including the Tennis Center, have restricted play to members only.  With those restrictions, along with little hope for improvement by December, the tournament committee decided that it was prudent to cancel the tournament for this year.  

I know that this is disappointing to many of you.  I sincerely thank those of you who have participated in the tournament in the past.  I hope to see many of you November 29 to December 5, 2021 for the 18th Longboat Key tournament.”

Tom S., Tournament Director

Florida 2021 USTA Series

“I’m currently working on the 2021 SSGP schedule (I know its extremely late) but as you can imagine things change week to week seemingly. And next year the re-designation of the new Level 1-7 classification of tournaments is hindering things a bit as that’s not just me making that decision.

I’m extremely positive though that the number of tournaments will be the same (still waiting on a couple of facilities to confirm). These are private clubs with membership bases that can vary as far as how much outside participation that are willing to have. It’s still just August and I’ll let George know as soon as I can when things are cemented.

Hang in there with me…..always working hard for you guys. After all, I’m finally eligible in January to play these. The 55’s will get more draw filler next year.”

Mark Taylor, USTA Florida

Larry Turville

Kelli Turville writes that she and Larry have appreciated all the well wishes and have been following all the comments made here.  Thanks to all, with our best wishes for both of them.

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4 thoughts on “Tournament Update

  1. As the first tournament in the SSGP series, we here at World Tennis Club hope that things continue to calm down with the virus. We are planning another (9th year) great event and hope that many of you will attend. Our plan is to implement a few new procedures that will bring more safety to YOU and your guests as you enjoy the play in Naples!
    If you have any questions please email me at
    Thanks…Mark Vines…Director of Tennis…World Tennis Club

    Mark, since yours is always rated #1, we all hope you can pull it off! thanks, george

  2. YesI have am important question. How the hell did those two guys pull that off on the plane. Maybe they were tied down but how could they have actually hit the ball back and forth. Talk about keeping your eyes on the ball!

  3. The Cat II New England Snior Tennis Championships took place in Guilford CT Sept 26-29.

    Nick, “took place”? george

  4. There may not be any ranking points involved, but the Senior tennis action at Spike’s and at The Strand (both here in Naples) is very competitive….and very fun! Stay safe everyone. Scoot

    Scoot, and you make the “finals” each time! thanks, george

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