All Those Tennis Shirts

The Gibson’s Shirt Quilt

If you play in tennis events, you no doubt have received a lifetime supply of logo’d tennis shirts.  What do you like and what do you do with them?

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

In my opinion, the best shirts to receive are the long sleeved Dri-Fit shirts.  While I like brightly colored short sleeved Dri-Fits, I already have more than I can use of them; so I am expanding my wardrobe!

The white, long sleeves are good for wearing for sunny and hot days to protect your arms from the sun, while the white color reflects the rays.  And the reverse is true on very cool days… where the dark colors absorb the suns rays to keep you warmer.

Two things that I personally have little use for are the cotton shirts (that get much too heavy during a long, hot match) and any shirt that is plastered with sponsor’s names/logos all over the back.

I do not believe that I have ever played an event (other than Newk’s Fantasy Camp) where they have given out shirts with collars on them.  Now, that would be a classy gift.

Excess Shirt Disposal

As my supply exceeds storage space, I keep the best ones in Florida and take the “second string” up to New Hampshire in the summer.  And when the New Hampshire supply exceeds storage space, the next stop is the local Goodwill thrift shop.

One local friend gives his excess shirts to the crew that takes care of his lawn.  And another tennis tournament friend from Colorado, Glen Gibson’s wife is totally innovative and made a bedspread out of his excess shirts! (see picture)

What do you like/dislike and do with your shirts?

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9 thoughts on “All Those Tennis Shirts

  1. I guess Glenn isn’t the only talented member of the family!

    Allan, yes, great skill! george

  2. Funny you posted the tee shirt quilt idea in your column this week because I just ordered one from Project Repat. I was a tennis camp director/head instructor at Wheaton College for over 30 years and coached at Wheaton for 35 years (men and women’s teams), so have over a hundred tee shirts. I finally sent 24 of them in and had them made into blanket. The Gibson blanket you posted, however, looks beautiful with the borders around each panel. I hope my blanket will come out looking as good as yours does!

    Lynn, i didn’t know such an organization existed! for others, here is the link
    tks. george

  3. A few big tournaments in Atlanta give out (or at least used to) very high-quality shirts with collars. Since I rarely play in cold weather, I much prefer short sleved to long.

    What I don’t like? The shirts that are plastered with “Senior” or worse yet “Super Senior”. Can’t they just say “Adult”? (Not that I’m in denial or anything.)

    Terry, since today is my 77th!, i cannot deny anything. I had some great shirts that said on the back “Old Guys Rule!” thanks, george

  4. Back in Springfield, Illinois, where my wife and I lived for many years, I knew a tennis friend, who was a graphic artist. He would design the graphics and logos for all the t-shirts of our local tennis association tennis tournaments (junior and adult). A mother of one of our excellent junior players, took a favorite selection of her son’s shirts made by this artist and made a wall hanging for his bedroom. Beautifully done, similar to your quilt.

    Glenn, sadly, it is rare that the designs are nice enough for that treatment. thanks, george

  5. I’ve got 2 quilts made out of old tennis T-shirts……that’s the way to go.

    Wow, i did not know this was a Thing! thanks, george

  6. George, Not sure what to do with all the “Wankers” t-shirts ( in the dresser now). Happy Birthday, and yes, old guys rule.

    Dave, ship them to Howard Rogg in England, where they will be a big hit! george

  7. George I wish I had seen this a little earlier. I just took a trash bag full of shirts (many never worn) to be recycled while cleaning my closet in preparation for going north.

    Ted, start collecting all over again! george

  8. George, I also have a blanket made out of them and it is everyone’s favorite!

    Patrick, who would have thunk so many people do this! george

  9. I also got a blanket/quilt made out of my favorite old t shirts….look at it every day….and I love those long sleeve dry fits. Stay safe everyone! Scoot

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