Will Things Change?

“Crushing Covid” photo by Jack Moter

The whole world is focused on the pandemic from this virus; and people are dramatically changing their behavior and daily patterns.  But when this is over (and it will be), will life just go back to normal or will there be any permanent changes?

How About …

  • Good Habits: During the virus down time, many players will do more stretching, exercising, and cross training.  When the ban is lifted, will they continue or go back to their bad habits of doing nothing?

  • Hand Shakes: I have really never been a fan of shaking a bunch of hands during regular flu season.  (One of the reasons we shake hands with the right hand is to show our “enemy” that we are not armed). Will people do less after this is over?

  • Relationships: A good friend now living in the Philippines said that his estranged sister, who lives in New York, just reached out to him to reconcile.  Will there be others who suddenly see their own mortality do the same?

  • Small Businesses: If the shutdown has to go on for a longer period of time, there is no doubt that many companies will have to go out of business.  What will the owners and their workers then do?

  • Drug Supplies: This crisis has brought to light America’s dangerous dependence on other countries (China and others) for critical commodities.  Will we be able to move those functions back to our own shores?

  • DC Idiots: And, will the idiots who inhabit Washington ever learn to work together? (Can we all say, “term limits”?)

What else might change or return to the old ways?

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10 thoughts on “Will Things Change?

  1. I hope we will make some real changes ! I have never been a REAL fan of hand shaking
    in general.
    We have no statesmen , term limits indeed.

  2. George, Love the photo shopped Corona as the ball in the picture! Nice! Stay safe!

    Jim, thanks go to Naples friend (who i am playing with today) Jack Moter. george

  3. In answer to your questions:
    1. People tend to revert to the least effortless activity after times of stress are over, so they will revert to previous habits.
    2. Handshaking was already becoming a thing of the past (fist bumping), but this too will fade out.
    3. Relationships, which have been renewed will probably quiet as people return to their usual activities.
    4. A great number of small businesses will be out of business totally and the people employed by these businesses will take a long time to find new jobs as the number of opportunities will be diminished.
    5. Drug supplies will be in short supply for a while, but eventually American companies will take up the slack to replenish the drug supply.
    6. As far as the D.C. idiots are concerned, they will never change as long as we continue to give them unfettered power and control. Term limits are essential at all levels of government. Politics is a dirty business.

    Michael, as they say on “Family Feud,” … “Good answers!” thanks, george

    One thing which will never change is the camaraderie we feel with our tennis buddies and our enjoyment of reading your blogs.

  4. This cover-19 pandemic will be over eventually. I hope we, as American citizens will then realize and recognize who are the people who hold the really important jobs.
    it’s not the celebrities, the hedge fund managers, the lawyers, market research analysts, management consultants, or financial advisors. We haven’t heard much from these people recently, have we?
    Who are the people we have needed during the worst crisis our country has faced in 100 years? it’s the nurses, doctors, the EMTs, the hospital staff, the maintenance staff, the police, the firemen, the truckers, the delivery drivers, the cashiers, the warehouse workers. I know I have missed others who are so important to all of us.
    I hope, when this pandemic passes, that we do not forget what we have learned. If there ever was a case for a minimum national wage, this is it. All those white color jobs can make a less money and blue color workers a wage that is reflective of their importance. Maybe then we can have an enlightened society.

    Joe, as one who has too often complained about “too many trucks on the road”, i agree they are one of the key unsung hero groups! thanks, george

  5. First, great job on that corona virus photo shop on your racquet….clever! One positive has been the reaching out to long, lost friends, and FB and Instagram have actually been pretty good for that. Really miss the friendship and camaraderie that tennis brings!

    Scoot, yes, you can manufacture exercise by yourself; but not good times with your mates! thanks, george

  6. First, it’s pronounced “mo-tore”.

    And, Dr. Fenster took care of all my points, except that the foxes are guarding the hen-house, so good luck with that “term limits” thing. . .

    Kevin, that has been the problem for 100 years in Washington. thanks, george

  7. After going through this pandemic, I believe people will change their habits and routines.
    On the tennis court, I can see hand shaking and fist bumping going away, hand sanitizer
    being used extensively, and some may want to use certain guidelines to play by. People’s behavior patterns will certainly change, hopefully for the better. No one wants to get sick, be put on a ventilator, and fight for one’s life. We all need to adopt smart habits and changes going forward. The way we do business, going to restaurants, or traveling to destinations here and abroad might be different for some. Finding a vaccine should be the priority. So, while our politicians grapple for answers and solutions, we need to be safe and well.

    Glenn, i bet there will be a 50% reduction in random hand shaking on and off the courts! thanks, george

  8. Back in 1918, there was another pandemic that probably felt just as severe for its times as this one does. I am sure that a lot of people made resolutions that, if they could get through it alive and well (not all did), there would be various reforms along the lines of what you have listed.

    But, alas, as we all now know, a lot of these reforms either never happened, or if they did they certainly did not last until January/ February 2020, before our own pandemic hit.

    So, what are the prospects for some sincere and heartfelt short term changes? Probably quite good.

    What are the prospects for most of these changes lasting more than a few years (or even a few months) after we truly are back to normal? I would not bet on it.

    Still, here is what I foresee and/or would favor:

    Good Habits for tennis players: It is a great idea and I will bet more than 50% will try it when we are all back on the courts, but eventually that percentile will sink lower as people inevitably will get lazy, time constricted, or come up with any of hundreds of excuses for not doing what is best for them. Human nature.

    Hand Shakes: Good bye and good riddance. I think there will be a social trend everywhere against this and it will probably last, including in business. The Japanese already have bowing. So, the rest of the world can have elbow bumping, or let’s just agree to flash the peace sign to each other. (But what will the French, Poles, Italians and other Europeans do when they don’t have social kissing?)

    Relationships: I have been at home, alone, with my wife (and dogs) ever since this started. I can tell you that this forced togetherness has absolutely been the BEST thing for our relationship. We have not fought once about anything. To the contrary, I will spare you the details (you can all guess), but we are like two teenagers in love again and it is nice.

    Small Businesses: You are right that many are headed to bankruptcy. But somehow entrepreneurs always seem to find a way to bounce back, and I predict that most will eventually do so. However, it will take time.

    Drug Supplies: Let’s just expand this to a LOT of consumer and other critical products, and not just drugs that need to be made at home. It is fine to have a world wide economy, but here in the US we let the decline in our home manufacturing lapse too much to the point that we got too reliant on other countries for almost everything. (We also enacted stupid tax laws that almost compelled it.) I kind of expect to see some legislation on this coming out of Congress at some point. But the problem is, those who have always favored a free market economy that may be partly what got us in this fix (i.e., a lot of conservatives) may be hard pressed to favor legislation that sounds more like it would come from a lot of liberals (or at least populists) and would seek to impose forced limits on the same free market in favor of promoting US based manufacturing. Expect that there will significant debate on this seeming political/ policy contradiction.

    DC Idiots: I could not agree more. I think we should change the Constitution to restrict POTUS to two 3 year terms, to restrict the Senate to two 4 year terms, and to restrict the House to three or four 2 year terms. And then let’s tackle the Electoral College, and some other pet peeve Constitutional issues that probably also need reform.

    Marty, wow! george

  9. A permanent change I would like to see, is that we finally take pollution seriously. Covid 19 is closely linked to air pollution according to a recent(3 wks ago- NY Times) study by the Harvard School of Public Health. A national study of over 3000 counties determined that there would have been 198 fewer deaths in NY alone,if the pollution levels for the last 20 yrs hadn’t produced so many lung problems, which allowed Covid 19 to “put the nail in the coffin”….Another preliminary study by Italian Scientists(See USA Today from last week) has determined that Covid particles are attaching themselves to pollution particles, keeping the virus around longer and providing a double whammy when attaching to humans…I expect little from Washington, but this is an issue that we all can do something about, from the cars we drive to the way we heat our homes. There will be future viruses, and we can have a prevention impact. This is no longer just about future generations. It’s also about us. ….Happy tennis( for those who aren’t still locked down)….Great blog, George.

    John, and some of those smog pix from LA are frightening! thanks, george

  10. Good to hear from you , George . And your ideas are as good or better than most all the idiots’ on TV . Term limits are on the right track . But how about a draft ? Have a pool or list of the most qualified folks , in the hundreds or thousands , and draft people for a term . If you can just get them to take their Oath seriously , you’d have something . Just wondering . Thanks .

    Bob, most anything would be better than 90 year old congressmen serving their 20th term! thanks, george

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