Time for Phase I?

Most of us – especially retired senior tennis players – are probably feeling a real sense of “cabin fever” as this nation-wide shutdown drags on.  Government entities, from Federal to State to County to City, are trying to deal with the balance between medical, economic, and social concerns.

We Are All Different

Recognizing that this is a huge country with a wide variety of local situations, I continue to feel there is an inequity here in Florida dealing with the ability to get outdoors and go to the beach or play tennis.  So I just sent the following email message to my local Collier County Commissioner, Andy Solis…

“As governments all around the country are looking at the medical, economic, and physical devastation caused by the pandemic, it is time to consider what steps we can start to take to move forward.

“As an avid senior tennis player, I suggest Collier County consider opening the beaches and public parks – including the tennis courts.  My community of Pelican Bay has shut down our tennis courts based solely on the fact that the county has closed theirs.  Open the county and private communities will open theirs.

“The Governor’s original shut-down degree allowed some recreational activities, and later added golf.  How are two people, 70 feet apart, on a tennis court more dangerous than four golfers, ten fishermen, or a store full of shoppers in the supermarket?

“We look forward to your positive action soon!  Thanks.”

Your Action?

No matter which side of the issue you believe in, if you want to express your opinion as County Commissioners discuss “opening up opportunities” this week, here are the links to the two SW Florida County Commissioners email links (most of North Naples is covered in Andy Solis’ District 2). 

P.S. Feel free to copy/paste any of my words above

Collier County Commissioners

Lee Collier County Commissioners

What’s happening where you live?

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7 thoughts on “Time for Phase I?

  1. Pittsburgh is pretty much shut down George. masks are mandatory at all grocery stores. Four of us have been playing at a friend’s private court in the city. We are very careful to socially distant, but they say this virus will spread among folks who show no symptoms, so we know there is a risk but we take it for the love of the game. I also have a wall that I have been hitting against to keep my heartbeat up. Stay safe!

    Jim, glad you have an outlet. They have even shut down the public hitting wall!! george

  2. I’m all for opening up, slowly, when it’s time. I think it may be too soon. Every time the infection rate in Collier County (Florida) starts to trend down, it spikes back up a few days later. I would rather wait it out and open up a bit too late, than open up too soon. The only tennis I’ve had since Apr 1 is hitting against the back wall of a closed furniture store.

    And, while I think it’s smart to open up by region, the downside is that brings in a lot of people from “infected” regions into the “clean” region, thereby spreading the virus even more.

    Terry, i have been tracking the number of cases in north Naples and it has been at just 16 for two weeks now. Thanks, george

  3. I’m from New Jersey, currently #2 in the nation behind NY, in COVID cases/deaths. While I sympathize with your strong desire to get back to playing and agree that it’s not fair to give preference to golfers, fishermen, and other hobbies, in my opinion, Florida is crazy to open up so soon. Lots of people are going to die. It’s better to be safe.

    Joe, i agree that NJ/NY is a hotbed and different parts of the country can, and should, be treated differently. For me, i think it is time to just ease up a little on restrictions here. thanks, george

  4. It’s hard to know which is worse – the effects of the viral illness or the side effects (social and economic) of this pandemic.
    It may be that one of the side effects of eliminating most competitive sports is the development of earlier cardiac problems, particularly in the older population, which may result in earlier deaths, not directly due to the virus.
    I will keep vigorously riding my bicycle until these Draconian restrictions are lifted.
    Please keep as active as possible and I hope to see you back on the tennis courts in the near future.

    Doc, just got back from my walking (after pounding balls inside my garage!). I am ready!! thanks, george

  5. Wendall Walker, who you may know George, distributes a tennis-related email to those in his database which consists of about 2,000 tennis enthusiasts, most of whom I believe are here in the Tampa Bay area. His most recent one included some info on Covid-19. I can’t validate the accuracy of his data but I will share it with your readers:

    As of April 15
    21.5 million people in Florida
    22,500 confirmed cases (about 1 per thousand)
    614 deaths (about 3 per 100,000)

    975,000 people in Pinellas County (across the bay from Tampa where I reside)
    513 confirmed cases (about 5 per 10,000)
    14 deaths (about 1.4 per 100,000)

    Survival rates:
    US 95%
    FL 97%
    Pinellas 97%

    Wendall didn’t say this. I will. The numbers of actual cases in the US is substantially higher than the reported confirmed number of cases. Also the number of deaths being attributed to Covid-19 is substantially overstated. The data and measurement is inaccurate just as were the models which Docs Fauci and Birx presented. A highly esteemed doctor who has many years of infectious disease experience said that, excluding high risk individuals, one’s chance of dying from Covid-19 is less than the chance one takes driving to work each day. Life is full of risks.

    I’m sure many of your readers are willing to take a slight risk (that of becoming infected and possibly infecting others) to hit tennis balls. Others may not. I believe our Constitution gives us all the right to make our personal choices.

    Alan, and once there is wide spread mass testing, they will find that tons of more people actually HAD the virus, which will bring those numbers down ever further. PS Your locals just kicked Tom Brady out of a public park, where he was working out alone! thanks, george

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