Tournament Survey Results

From teeny towels to tournament timing, players responded, rated, and opined on the season of Florida senior tennis tournaments.  The results and every opinion have been shared with the tournament directors.

Here are the ratings for both the general tournament topics and for each of the nine events from December’s Longboat Key to the third CAT II at St. Pete …

Round Robin: Do you prefer the round robin format for doubles play over the traditional single elimination? 

77% of respondents preferred the round robin format.
Comments: The most common theme was it allows players to better plan their travels, hotels and days and you should get at least 3 matches.  The negatives came from players who were in smaller groups and did not get their three matches.

Consolation Bracket: In those cases where round robin is NOT used, do you typically play in the consolation/backdraw?

76% of the players like having a consolation bracket

Comments: Their thoughts are summarized by: “I always play the consolation bracket.  I came to play tennis, winning is a bonus.”

Three full sets vs. Match Tiebreaker: Do you think the DOUBLES brackets should use the 10-point tiebreaker in place of a third set up until the semi-finals?

74% of respondents felt the match tiebreaker was a good idea in doubles.

Comments: It helps manage the time factor.  Downside is it can completely change the mentality composition of a match.  

Do you think the 10-point tiebreaker should be used in place of a third set in SINGLES at some age group?

Fewer players, but still a majority (65%) favor using a match tiebreaker in singles at some age level.
Comments: “Somewhere around age 65 or 70 it would be smarter and healthier.”  While recognizing endurance is a factor in tournament play, some recommended using no ad scoring instead.

Tournament Gifts: Are tournament-logo’d shirts the appropriate gift for players? 

Shirts were still the favorite, with 84% of the vote.

Comments: “Shirts are good and GOOD SHIRTS are BETTER.”  There were also many comments recommending NOT using the “tiny towels” as a gift.

Tournament Scheduling: Do you think both singles and doubles should start as early in the week as possible (as compared to starting doubles later)?

A strong majority (71%) favor starting earlier in the week.

Comments: “Yes, starting earlier gives you an extra day or two in case there is a rainout.”  But many said the size of the draw would be a controlling factor.

Tournament Food: Which food option do you prefer?

The majority (58%) favored sandwiches at lunch time; with Happy Hour snacks/beer coming in second (23%).

Comments: Longboat Key was frequently cited as the food model; with this added comment “snacks and beer each day is nice touch and creates more conversations and male bonding each day.”

Tournament Rankings:

Once again, World Tennis was the top rated tournament, followed closely by The Meadows, the newly-added Lakewood National and the NSMTA Doubles Only event at Sanchez/Casal.  The ratings and representative comments follow.

  • Longboat Key (Dec. 2019)
    Rating (1-10): 7.9
    What did you like most or least?
    • Tom Scovil knows how to promote attendance to his tournament.  Plus, he treats players well.
    • Great Draw.  Lunch was terrific and the staff worked really hard to make our visit welcome.

  • NSMTA Doubles Only
    Rating (1-10): 8.2
    What did you like most or least?
    • Liked the lunch specials, happy hour, and round robin format.
    • Good: food, happy hour, shirt.  Bad: courts were pretty dry; scheduled matches were often delayed
    • Sanchez/Casals getting better at running tournaments 

  • World Tennis Club
    Rating (1-10): 8.7
    What did you like most or least?
    • The volunteers make this a premier event
    • Good: food (banquet), good match scheduling, shirt, courts in good shape; great volunteer involvement.
    • It always feels like they are making the best effort to please the players.

  • Sanchez-Casal Cat II (Naples Bath)
    Rating (1-10): 6.7
    What did you like most or least?
    • We all know that these guys are very busy.  Our group get minimal attention.  Courts are fair, gifts are minimal. 
    • Good: food (banquet), better match scheduling.  Bad:  weenie towel gift; courts still too dry

  • GT Bray Park
    Rating (1-10): 6.4
    What did you like most or least?
    • I think their courts are too slow, and so are the unusual Babolat balls
    • This is one of the least attended tournaments.  I think they could bring in more entrants if they offered some prize money, like all the other tournaments do.
    • good effort from a public facility.  

  • Lakewood National CC
    Rating (1-10): 8.4
    What did you like most or least?
    • For their first effort, they worked hard! Debbie even made chocolate chip cookies.
    • Excellent job by tournament committee for first time event 

  • The Meadows CC
    Rating (1-10): 8.6
    What did you like most or least?
    • Have always liked this tournament. 
    • Would have preferred round robin format; but the venue and the management are super.

  • Palm Aire CC
    Rating (1-10): 7.9
    What did you like most or least?
    • I like the courts there, firm and good visibility. Well run, and excellent box lunch.
    • A great tournament.  Gave free lunches every day, as well as fruit, gatorade, and water.  Courts were great.  Gave prize money.  Good/clean locker room.

  • St. Petersburg CC
    Rating (1-10): 7.2
    What did you like most or least?
    • Courts need improvement Dinner, staff and volunteers Excellent
    • A very good tournament.  The only reason I didn’t rate it higher is because of the not so great court conditions.

Do you have any thoughts or conclusions from these results?

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