The Squat Shot?

How can this be effective?

This one boggles my mind … why do women tennis pros hit forehands from a deep squatting position and men leaping into the air?  What could be the possible benefit?

Body Weight Forward

I have always heard teaching pros preaching about having your body weight going forward on all shots from groundstrokes to volleys.  So how can that be anywhere near possible when the full body is inches off the ground?

It would seem that the shot would end up being “all arm” and not have much power to it.

Leaping Men

And the reverse of that is true with some male pros who literally leap two to three feet in the air hitting backhands.  Is this a good idea?  (Not that I could possibly do either one of them).

What do YOU think?

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3 thoughts on “The Squat Shot?

  1. My guess is shoulder height. The girls seem to do that squat on baseline half volleys. The jumping shots seem to occur on high balls. Keeping the shoulder closer to its relative position to the ball height “in the ideal strike zone” might be of some value. Just a guess. 🙂

    Kevin, maybe right. thanks, george

  2. no advice on hitting forehands, but Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to all….and keep enjoying the great game of tennis! Scoot

  3. Athleticism! Just an opinion of course but we all hit shots using our athletic ability. We all try to set up for the pure , technically correct shot but as athletes we will hit whatever shot gives us a chance to win a point and some player athletes perfect the awkward.

    Frank, but I can neither squat nor leap! Thanks. George

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