Chip and Charge

(Gary Larson Far Side)

You are returning serve against a slow or a kick server and want to take the ball early and then move to the net.  But your timing is all off.  The reason?  You put your shoes on before your pants!

Chip THEN Charge

My typical error with the “chip n charge” is that I start my “charge” before I complete my “chip.”  By that I mean, my body weight starts going forward toward the net before I have completed the return of serve motion.

Gary Larson To The Rescue

To correct this problem, I remind myself of the great Gary Larson’s Far Side cartoon (shown here) with the awakening guy seeing his reminder to put his pants on before he puts his shoes on.

Get the sequence right and you can effectively take the return of serve early and put the ball at the server’s feet.

What do YOU think?

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6 thoughts on “Chip and Charge

  1. I always enjoy and learn from your comments George. Now that you have invoked the great Gary Larson and brilliantly connected his work to a tennis tip, your place is among the tennis teaching greats. Seriously!

    Brian, you could live your life by the “wisdom” found in The Far Side! thanks, george

  2. I only have one question: What would happen if I put my pants on before my underwear?

    Marty, they would come and take you away! george

  3. Actually, the easy server is exactly who I play here in S. Florida. Therefore, your advice is very helpful because I also find myself charging forward too early and not looking at the ball. Thanks for the pants before shoes advice. Of course, I can always go the lob!

    Also, why I am not surprised with Marty’s question!

    Larry, I am sure you will return the favor by patching me up at Newks in October! Thanks. George

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