Ralph Grieco

It was reported to me that veteran senior tournament player (and super photographer) Ralph Grieco of Roswell, GA died Wednesday of a heart attack.


Several years ago (when I was playing tournament singles), Ralph and I had a grueling, marathon three-set, three-hour match.  Afterwards, we shook sweaty hands and became friends forever after.

Just last January at Sanchez-Casal’s CAT II tournament, I watched him beat my good friend Tony Williams; and they both ran all over the court chasing down balls.


Most of us feel healthy and plan to live and play well into our 80’s – and maybe into our 90’s.  But it is news like this that reminds us how fragile life can really be … and that we should enjoy every day like it might be our last (because it might be).

If you have any thoughts or memories you wish to share, feel free to.

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1 thought on “Ralph Grieco

  1. Ralph became a better and fiercer competitor the last 2-3 years, giving the top players a run for their money, including Joe Bachman; and others at the 2018 National Grass. He provided photographs of all events at senior events with whom he evidently had an agreement. He also was very outgoing and was a star at the St, Petersburg Cat II dinner-dance.

    Nick, good memories! thanks, george

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