Controlled Aggression + Wimbledon

Rick Barletta

Are you concerned about your ability to play steady and keep the ball in play until a good, offensive opportunity opens up and you can then go for the winner — but do it under control?  Well, here is a new drill to work on those skills.

Paul Annacone’s Advice

The former Federer coach says, “when you have the opportunity to go for the big shot, hit an aggressive shot to a conservative location.”

Here is a drill teaching pro Rick Barletta and I developed that helps you work on these skills…

  • Both players start on the baseline and either puts a neutral ball in play
  • Then, his opponent hits a neutral ball back; and then “third ball is in play”
  • They rally until someone makes an unforced error or hits a winner
  • The scoring is …
  • One point for hitting a clean winner,
  • One point if your opponent hits an unforced error
  • + the hitter of the unforced error LOSES a point (so, it is a two point swing)
  • No points if either makes a “forced error”
  • The judgment is made by the hitting player
  • Winner is first to five, win by one

What this will help you work on is both the value of hitting consistent and deep groundstrokes, while looking for the opportunity to attack.  When you have the shot to try for a winner (to gain one point) you must be mindful not to then make an unforced error (and lose two points).

For example, you are leading in the game 4 points to 3 and have an opportunity to go for a winner.  If you get it, you get one point and win the game; but if you blow the shot by over-hitting, it is a two-point swing and you are now DOWN 4-3.  So the answer is to go for the winner using Controlled Aggression.  Yes, i know it sounds complicated, but try it!

What do you think?  Have a drill like this that works on the same skills?

Wimbledon Upset and TV Schedule

At the women’s pro tennis event at the Bonita Bay Club in Florida this spring, a few of us sat in the first row and watched 15 year old Coco Gauff and her doubles partner lose easily to another team.  And then she goes on to play and upset her idol Venus Williams at Wimbledon.  Go figure!

Thanks to Florida pro Alan Anastos for the link to the TV schedule for the next two weeks…

US 2019 Wimbledon TV schedule –  (all times Eastern)

Date Round Time (ET) TV Channel
Monday, July 1 First Round 7am – 4:30pm ESPN
Tuesday, July 2 First Round 7am – 4:30pm ESPN
Wednesday, July 3 Second Round 7am – 4pm ESPN
Thursday, July 4 Second Round 7am – 4:30pm ESPN
Friday, July 5 Third Round 7am – 4:30pm ESPN
Saturday, July 6 Third Round 8am – 5pm ESPN
Monday, July 8 Round of 16 7am – 4pm ESPN
Round of 16 7am – 4pm ESPN2
Tuesday, July 9 Women’s Quarterfinals 8am – 2pm ESPN2
Women’s Quarterfinals 8am – 4pm ESPN
Wednesday, July 10 Men’s Quarterfinals 8am – 3pm ESPN2
8am – 4pm ESPN
Thursday, July 11 Women’s Semifinals 8am – 1pm ESPN
Friday, July 12 Men’s Semifinals 8am – 2pm ESPN
Saturday, July 13 Women’s Final 9am – 3pm ESPN
Sunday, July 14 Men’s Final 9am – 3pm ESPN

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3 thoughts on “Controlled Aggression + Wimbledon

  1. Hi George,
    I use lots of games/drills like this when working with tournament juniors and adult league players. Creating situations where you practice with pressure is a great way to work on mental toughness.

    Mike, thanks … and thanks again for captaining our victorious Friendship Cup team! george

  2. Good drill idea…we all need to be more aggressive…and Yes, I’m watching Wdon on tv right NOW!!!

  3. If I am playing doubles, I let my partner put it away!

    Larry, if they can, they should! thanks, george

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