What Injury?

With Chuck Kinyon in team shirts

Saturday night, after three hours of singles on a windy, random bouncing court, my wrist was so painful I could hardly cut my food at the Friendship Cup banquet dinner.  In the morning, I took a double dose of Aleve, soaked it in ice cold water, and taped up the wrist before Chuck and I took to the court for our #1 75s doubles match.

That’s Not the Problem

Neither the wrist injury nor the three hours of singles played any real role in the results of the Sunday doubles.  It was “déjà vu all over again” with the 30 mph winds and a tennis court that would give random bounces, like a major league baseball knuckleballer.

And our competition was the solid team of John Tibbets (who beat our Bill Simonton on Saturday in straight sets at #1; and is one of the top senior players in all of Quebec) and Jules Allard (who took Chuck to three long sets in just short of three hours the day before).

Our Match

The Canadians took the first set fairly easily at 6-2; but we were able to go up an early break in the second set.  Unfortunately, we gave it back and we worked our way to a second set tiebreaker.  It was close; but Chuck and I were able to squeak it out (7 points to 5) and bring it to a deciding third set.

They started serving and held, then broke us, and held again for a demoralizing 0-3 lead.  It had been a LOT of tennis for both Chuck and me; and I actually thought about asking the small crowd watching what the team standings were … and if this match meant anything.  I didn’t ask; but as it turns out, ours was the DECIDING MATCH of the 2019 Friendship Cup.

The Ending

We were able to right the tired and sinking ship and bring it back to four games all.  We went up 15-40 in that game; but were unable to convert; so I had to serve at 4-5 to stay in the match.  By this time, the crowd had grown to 40-50 people cheering on every big point.

Unfortunately, I went for too much on my second serve at deuce and double faulted for the first time in the match (second time the whole weekend) and gave them match point.  I was able to come back with a service winner; and then we held my serve to bring it to 5-5.

Chuck and I played a strong game and broke them; so switching sides, with Chuck serving 6-5 for the match (and as it turned out, for The Cup).  He served great and I put away a few good overheads and with took the match…

2-6, 7-6, 7-5 in three hours and twenty minutes!

With all the congrats at the end of the match and the need to get back to the hotel for a late checkout, I don’t have any other match results.  If team captain Mike Kolendo can mail to me, I will post.

(even though my wrist somehow feels 95% fine, nearly 6 1/2 hours of tennis means I will be taking Monday off!)

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7 thoughts on “What Injury?

  1. Congrats George! Sounds like it was a very exciting and grueling match! Way to go!!

    Ken, it was both. thanks, george

  2. Great match with a great result!

    Michael, with thanks to my “personal, long-distance physician”! george

  3. That’s *really* weird about the wrist! Congrats, though! 🙂

    Kevin, yes … strange for such pain one day and gone the next! thanks, george

  4. Great playing!

    Joann, tks. great to see you relaxing at a tennis event! george

  5. Congrats on the comeback. Does this mean that you are back to playing singles at Newk’s this year?

    DAve, hardcourts … TBD. 🙂 george

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