Fed Losing Stats

Were you surprised as I was when Roger Federer didn’t convert two match points at the Madrid Open … and then went on to lose his against Dominic Thiem?

It is Not Unusual

Thanks to tennis pro friend Steve Diamond for this report from the USTA website.

“Aggressive play saved [Roger] in the third round against Gael Monfils, when he fended off two match points.  But in his next match against Dominic Thiem—currently playing some of the most impressive tennis of his career—Federer couldn’t convert his opportunities to close out the victory, losing two match points of his own.

“As surprising a result as it might be for the player many consider the best to ever pick up a racquet, it’s not the first time that has happened to Federer.

“It’s not even the first time that’s happened against Thiem in their head-to-head encounters—with the other occasion occurring on grass in Stuttgart in 2016.

“Since his late-career renaissance in 2017, Federer has lost from match point up on four other occasions. Granted, closing out a win is difficult at any level, but for the man who’s made tennis look ridiculously easy at times, those results stand out.

“Over the past two years, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray—Federer’s peers in the ATP’s Big 4—have only seen victory snatched away twice between all of them.”

Sign of Aging?

Is it a sign that my personal favorite player is inevitably aging?  Or just other players having a good day vs. “the greatest of all time”?

What do YOU think?

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2 thoughts on “Fed Losing Stats

  1. Are you ready to have your mind blown? Federer has lost 21 matches in his career when he had match point and won 20 matches when he was down match point. Matches Won/Lost in Grand Slams: 2-4.

    Fed is the only one of the Big Four to lose more matches up match point than win down match point.

    Nadal – 8 lost and 13 saved
    Djokovic – 3 lost and 12 saved (twice against Fed at US Open in semifinals in back-to-back years.
    Murray – 5 lost and 11 saved.

    Mark, the numbers tell a tale! thanks, george

    I’d say that this would lead most to believe that Djoker is best under pressure. And Fed is not.

  2. Being GOAT does not mean one necessarily plays one’s best on any given day, or especially all days. What makes a player the actual GOAT is being able to keep on (mostly) winning day in and day out, on all sorts of different surfaces, facing all kinds of different players, year after year, literally for decades, all without flinching.

    As players, we all have won our share of matches against tough foes, and we have all won our share of tournaments. We have a right to be proud of that. But to do it repeatedly over such a long time, against a much larger universe of opponents but still winning, now THAT is truly hard to do. And it gets all the more difficult for a player who is closer to 40 than even 30 — playing top level tennis still against guys in their 20s.

    Tennis is an incredibly grueling and relentless sport, especially at the pro level, and even having relatively minor aches, pains, issues or annoyances can frequently lead to not playing completely at one’s best on any give day. Maybe Federer had an argument with his wife an hour before the Thiem match. Maybe his agent told him has latest contract demand with Wilson was rejected. Maybe he had an ingrown toenail. Maybe his stomach was a bit upset. Sometimes we just get out of bed and things are a little off.

    Being GOAT means being human. Humans make mistakes. Humans do not function at 100% for 100% of the time. Still, Federer’s achievements are absolutely remarkable. I won’t say he will ALWAYS be GOAT — Djokovic may still have a chance to overtake him among the current crew; possibly some of the up and coming (even Thiem) will also have a chance; I just don’t think Nadal will actually make it — but Roger is the closest thing to tennis perfection that we have seen…. for now.

    Marty, with all his “flaws,” The Fed is still my hero! thanks, george

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