Drinking Enough Water?

We have all heard the advice of “drink more water”; but how much is enough?  Tom Brady has some thoughts to consider …

“How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance”

According to fitness fanatic, Tom Brady in his book “The TB12 Method,”

“As is well known, our bodies are made up of anywhere from 60 to 80 percent water, and our muscles alone are 75 percent water. Water aids in brain function; ensures healthy metabolism, digestion, and kidney function; helps circulate oxygen into the bloodstream; lubricates joints; and ensures proper muscle function.”

“If we don’t drink enough water, we risk decreasing the supply of oxygen in our bloodstream and depriving our muscles and organs of the proper nutrients. That means we build up more toxins in our cells, tissues, and organs. Our metabolism slows down, which makes us more vulnerable to infection and inflammation. For athletes especially, drinking enough water decreases joint pain by softening and hydrating cartilage and increasing how much water gets absorbed.”

How Much To Drink?

Brady says, “On any given day, I easily drink more than 150 ounces of water with TB12 Electrolytes, and on active days I drink close to twice that. To help you visualize, a can of soda or a normal bottle of water is twelve ounces. I drink the equivalent of twelve to twenty-five of those every day, and always with TB12 Electrolytes. Basically you’ll never see me without a bottle of water in my hand, and I add electrolytes to virtually everything I drink—and that’s been true for the past twelve years. Otherwise I feel like I’m doing myself a disservice.

“For anyone who exercises regularly and who’s committed to sustained peak performance, the rule of thumb at TB12 is simple: Drink at least one-half of your body weight in ounces of water every day. That’s the minimum. Ideally, you’ll drink more than that, and with added electrolytes, too. This makes sense, considering the composition of our bodies.”

According to the NFL quarterback, “Today I rarely get fatigued, I never get headaches, and I never cramp. I credit this to the amount of water and electrolytes I drink.”

Dehydration Keys

For me, one of the keys to know if I have been drinking enough during hot days on the tennis court, is the color of urine.  The more “golden” it is, the more I need to drink more water.

After my near heat stroke at one of the January tournaments, I have become an advocate of drinking more before, during and after matches.

How about you, what is your water policy?

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9 thoughts on “Drinking Enough Water?

  1. Tom’s bladder must be made of cast iron! 150 OZ’s and twice that on active days? Wow!

    Jim, can you say “Pit stop time!”? george

  2. I have read these guidelines before and am sure it’s a great idea!
    I do have to say if I drank 150 ozs. of water with a 69 yo prostate
    I would never leave the men’s room!!

    Ron, know what you mean! george

  3. I’m a Tom Brady fan, but I have to wonder if he’d suggest drinking so much water daily if his supplement was only available as a capsule.

    Scott, there is a bit of self interest in there! thanks, george

  4. Sheesh, what a crock. I’m 67 years old and I already have to get up and pee 3 to 4 times every night – even drinking a limited amount after 9:00 pm. Also, sometimes when I play tennis away from my home courts and if I drink too much in a match, I have to stop and pee at a McDonalds or whatever two or three times just to get home — especially if the match is more than a half hour away. Somehow I think Mr. Brady’s next business venture will be supplying catheters and collection bags specially made for senior athletes because there is no other way any of us could drink as much as he suggests, and Depends are just not that absorbent!!!

    Marty, me thinks someone has an enlarged prostate. mmmmmmm. george

  5. Is TB short for Tom Brady? Is he pushing his electrolyte brand? Cmon George are you thinking that anyone would actually do this?

    Michael, TB=Tom Brady; and yes, he is selling his book and his concept. But even before reading his stuff, i believed in the concept of fully hydrating. It is also featured in Agassi’s book. thanks, george

  6. I use to cramp in the Florida summer weather…temps in the high 80’s to mid 90’s and humidity above 70. I discovered I have a very high sweat rate and lose a lot of sodium which can also push my blood pressure low. Through research I found water is not enough since it can dilute your electrolytes. Now if I have a singles match I drink 1 quart of a sports drink that I make up the night before and again the morning of I doing at least a quart of water. The drink is made up of coconut water, power aid, green tea, orange juice, half a teaspoon of salt and a NUNNS electrolyte tablet. I take at least one quart of the sports drink and a half gallon of filtered water to the match. Since I started this I have not cramped, had my blood pressure drop, or had feelings of light headedness. Yesterday I played a singles match that lasted 2.5 hours with 90 degrees and 7% humidity. I drank two quarts of the sport drink and 2 half gallon containers of water and felt great at the end of the match.

    Doug, i learned that same lesson when i almost had heat stroke after one of the January tournaments. I agree, water alone is not the answer. thanks, george

  7. Wow…..that’s a lot of water….but I have been adding “Zipfizz” to my water jug…my Dr. highly recommended it…”better than Gatorade”!

    Scoot, looks interesting. http://www.zipfizz.com/. Thanks, george

  8. “Marty, me thinks someone has an enlarged prostate. mmmmmmm. george”

    You may be right, George. I have a doctor’s visit scheduled for the end of this month to have this and a few other issues checked out.

    But, still, Brady must be nuts if he thinks anyone but an elite athlete — or a player in the kind of super sweaty situation that Doug Brunner describes — can possibly drink that much liquid in one day.

    Unless it is beer at Newk’s, of course. 🙂

    Beer. Hmmmmmmm. george

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