“It’s Not Prostate Cancer”

Jay, Barry and us

In today’s finals’ matches at The Meadows tournament, there was some predictable wins and some challenges.  And a lesson about the importance of winning.

Men’s 75 Singles and Doubles

Hank Irvine took the court at 9:30 vs. big-serving Barry Shollenberger for the singles finals.  I had predicted to DeDe: 6-3, 6-3 to Hank … but was one game too generous for Barry.

Since they were done by 10:45 and all the players were there, we were able to start our doubles finals at 11:15 (apologies to anyone who came at the scheduled time of 1 p.m. to watch!).

In the first set, Hank and I were in control and cruised to a 6-2 victory; and then went up an early break in the second.  But with me serving at 2-1, Mr. Irvine and I both took a simultaneous “walk about” and they ran off four straight games.

“It’s Not Prostate Cancer”

I served again at 2-5 to stay in the set; and we were able to regain the MO… we held serve … broke them … held serve … and broke them again; so we changed sides with me serving the critical game at 6-5.

Several years ago, Aussie Legend Roy Emerson and I both had prostate cancer surgery; and at the camp that following October, I was playing an “important” Wanker team match.  Roy came onto my court urging me on to try my hardest; and I said to him, “I will; but you know Roy, this is only tennis and it’s not prostate cancer.”

So as we took the court to close out the match, I reminded myself of that story and the relative “importance” of the match.  I relaxed, got my serves in, and Hank effectively roamed at the net to put everything away; as we had a Love game to clinch the set, match, and title 6-2, 7-5.

For all the results, just click HERE

PS Speaking of prostate cancer, it just took the life of veteran tournament player Jim Landon (he of the incredible drop shots).  RIP

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3 thoughts on ““It’s Not Prostate Cancer”

  1. I was lucky to catch the 2nd set & it was great! George, last year your game was really, really good!..but this year (after your hip surgery), you were amazing!!! Thanx for 2 weeks of totally brilliant doubles! You & Hank make a perfect team. See you next year! Stay healthy & happy. Caroline

    Caroline, I THINK I am playing better, but it is important to hear someone else say that! Thanks. George

  2. She is right george!!

    Howie, thanks!! It is truly amazing to think that, at age 75, someone can really improve. george

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