What’s the score?

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How many times have you and your opponent(s) come to the net trying to iron out a disagreement over the score of a game?  There is a real easy – rule following – solution to this problem.

Announce the Score

I would guess that at least half of the players I have been on the court with do NOT announce the score before they serve.

The USTA rule is:

  1. Server announces score. The server shall announce the game score before the first point of a game and the point score before each subsequent point of the game.

While verbalizing the score isn’t a 100% guarantee over future arguments, it does two things …

  • Prevents a misunderstanding from being carried forward –- Saying the score allows your opponents to immediately question what YOU think the correct score is.
  • Helps remember after the next point – Most of us are more likely to remember the correct score when we hear it out loud.

And if there is a dispute, the rules are …

  1. Disputes.

Disputes over the score shall be resolved by using one of the following methods, which are listed in the order of preference:

  • Count all points and games agreed upon by the players and replay only disputed points or games;
  • If the players do not agree on the court in which the disputed point started, toss a coin to select the court.
  • If the players do not agree on who served a disputed point in a tiebreak, toss a coin to select the server. (A coin toss may also be needed to determine the side in which the point is played and the end from which the server serves.)
  • If the players do not agree on who served a disputed game, toss a coin to select the server.
  • Play from a score mutually agreeable to all players;
  • Spin a racket or toss a coin.

Players who don’t announce the score cause the problems. Do you??

The Secret to Winning Doubles…

You all know the answer… “Pick a good partner” … and that is what I have done for the two Sarasota tournaments I am playing now.

Hank Irvine and I just teamed up to defend our title at the Payne Park tournament … and we will play again next week at the Meadows tournament.

Link to Payne Park (to see if Hank also wins the singles this morning) is HERE

And to next week’s Meadows’ tournament is HERE

P.S. and in between this weekend, I am teaming up with another strong partner, Bob Wilkie, to play in the Pelican Bay Doubles championship on Saturday and Sunday.

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3 thoughts on “What’s the score?

  1. In the senior doubles I play, often following a long rally/point, (with our short term memory being what it is), the point score is often forgotten even with the prior announcement by the server. I’ve experienced not only forgotten point & game score following a long rally, but actually forgot who was serving . lol.

    Jim, Me too! george

  2. Or in the case of players of a certain age who are clearly unable to remember much beyond the previous point, let alone what they had for breakfast, call it deuce & play a deciding point ! Either that or call it a day & go for drink making sure to check each other’s names first.
    I am of a certain age !!

    Howard, make mine a Sam Adams! thanks, george

  3. If the server doesn’t announce the score before serving, the returner should call the score.

    Emilio, i agree and frequently do! thanks, george

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