Spoiler Alert

Most tennis fans do not get up at 3:30 in the morning to watch an event like the Australian Open.  Instead, they record it to watch when they wake up in the morning; but TV (and friends) often conspire to thwart their enjoyment.

“Spoiler Alert…”

In the news business, getting it out there “first” is important.  But for us weirdos who like to record and watch without knowing the result, why can’t they just say, “Spoiler alert at the Australian Open, … Djokovic won!”?  Then we can mute it or quickly change the channel.

And person-to-person, it is human nature to want to “share” any kind of breaking news.  We all do.  I do it.  But be considerate of your recording friends and find out if they want to know a sporting result before you tell them.

Dominating Djokovic

So I did watch the Nadal/Djokovic final knowing that the Serb was going to win; but that was painfully obvious from the first game!  Djokovic didn’t lose a point on his serve till the middle of his third service; and was totally in control.

Have you ever seen a top player like Nadal so severely dominated in a match?

Dave Barry Agrees

Several years ago, I wrote to famous columnist and humor author Dave Barry telling him that reading his great books on an airplane and trying to stifle laughing out loud because people would think I was weird was like trying to stifle passing gas on a plane.

He wrote back, “George, you ARE weird.”

So for all us recording weirdos out there, please say “Spoiler alert”!

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3 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert

  1. Guilty as charged – censoring our possible words and actions with recipients’ point of view, effect is a skill that needs constant honing. I plead inexpert at this but have good attitude towards improving.

    Winder, you mean, you CAN teach old dogs new tricks? thanks, george

  2. George — I am one such weirdo. Got up to watch the Aussie final. To me, I just don’t like watching a match that I know is already concluded. Never mind the risk of someone spoiling it for me — it just doesn’t sit right. Others obviously differ…and prefer their sleep.

    As for spoiling it for others: severe punishment is merited!

    Marc, from one weirdo to another… “to each his own”. thanks, george

  3. George, There is a third way (time zones permitting). Start recording the match while you’re still asleep. Wake up and start watching the recording BEFORE the match is actually over. Not only will you (or anyone else) not know the outcome ahead of time, but you can then skip through the commercials on the changeovers and between sets. I used to use a similar strategy for watching Stillers football games prior to starting a 12-step program to stop aiding and abetting CTE as a form of public entertainment (although my wife remains skeptical that I will be able to kick that particular habit). I’m very happy to hear that you’re playing tennis well (as always) with your new hip. I’m already looking forward to next October in Texas. All the best, Joe
    P.S. Good luck to your beloved Patriots this weekend. It will be interesting to see who retires from their game first, Brady or Federer.

    Joe, i actually use that method to watch regular, daytime sports … record and start watching about an hour into the game; and end up about when it actually ends (with no commercials or time outs).
    PS or Gronk or Edelman or Belichick retiring too! george

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