Working the X’s and O’s

Some players don’t care to know anything about their upcoming opponents (usually the top players); but others – like me (and Brad Gilbert) – want to know as much as possible in order to plot a strategy of “X’s and O’s.”

Using a “Prevent Defense”

In Noble and my first-round robin match on Monday, we both played very well and overcame the local team of Jack Moter and Tom Diehl.  Since we are in a three-team group, we had Tuesday off and played the new, strong combination of Clive Kileff and lefty Bill Plummer on Wednesday.

There was a solid wind from the south, which would normally make Clive’s impeccable lobs even more challenging; so, when serving to him, we had the net man stand BEHIND the service line … and effectively took away his opportunity to lob.

When Bill Plummer served to us, we both started back on the baseline, with the objective to just get his good lefty serve back in play; and then come to the net together when the opportunity presented itself.

Bill commented, “I have never seen a Prevent Defense used in tennis!”  But it worked.  We played solid and even though the points were close, and the games were close, the score wasn’t … we won 6-0, 6-1.

How about you… do you scout your opponents and plan a strategy or develop it on the court?

NEXT: Today are the quarterfinals, with the top eight teams moving forward.  We face a team we have never played, Jay Senter and David Huff (who I know little about!).

For all the other results and match schedule, just click HERE.

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