Winning Ugly or Not?

Given the choice, would you rather play well and lose … or play poorly and win?

Today’s Match

My partner Noble played a strong singles match this morning and then we had our second (last) round robin doubles match this afternoon vs. the challenging team of Rick Eichmann and Ray Jean (Marco Island), with the winner moving forward to the semifinals tomorrow.

It was a close call as to who played worst this afternoon … me or my partner Noble; but I claim the prize!  For those who know me and my game, I probably double fault once a set or once a match; and miss about as many returns of serve (Thanks to Mr. Emerson’s coaching).

But today, I must have missed 8-10 returns of serve + double faulted three times IN ONE GAME!

Granted, most of the time when you play poorly, it is not in a vacuum.  And today was no exception Eichmann and Jean are a very tough team that puts their opponents in difficult positions.

So while we won the first set 6-3 and were up a break in the second, Rick and Ray came back to take the second set 6-4 … and bring us to a ten point, Match Tiebreaker.

We took an early lead and held on to win it 6-3, 4-6, 10-7.

Brad Gilbert would have been proud!

We will face off vs. Fred Drilling and Clive Kileff at 1:30 on Thursday. If you want to see some other great scores, check out Morton/Weiss in the 70 doubles A group and Ludwig/Mutchnik in the 75 B group; and all other scores by clicking HERE

Next week: the seeds are out and can be found HERE

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3 thoughts on “Winning Ugly or Not?

  1. One must look at this way. To win not playing well and hanging in there to at least have the opportunity……,is toughness!!

    Howie, as you did last week … saving six match points! Thanks. George

  2. Winning is never ugly, nor is losing ! It’s how you play the game. I cannot bear watching the tall guys with booming serves & little else, this is as ‘ugly’ as it gets but good luck to them even if they are playing to empty seats, they are doing the best they can. Thank goodness the ‘Big 3/4’ rely more on style than brute force even though they have to compromise (euphemism for playing ugly) sometimes to get over the line.

    Howard, the top guys sure do play with style and grace! thanks, george

  3. I love winning but I hate losing much more so therefor I would rather play ugly and win. Then I say to myself “hey, you didn’t play well today and you somehow pulled it off so I will play better next time and win again”. Conversely if you play well and lose you think: “Crap, I played my best and still lost, my best is not good enough”.

    PS: Congrats on your award and on the annual Wachtel trophy. Nice honor.

    Jim, good perspective! thanks, george

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