Playing vs. #1

Jimmy Parker

Today was the first day of the NSMTA CAT III doubles tournament, being played at Sanchez-Casal (aka Naples Bath and Tennis).  Teamed for the first time with (James) Noble Hendrix, we unfortunately got placed in the four-team group with the #1 seeded team of Jimmy Parker (#1 in the USA and, I believe, #3 in the world) and Chip Travis … and drew them for our first match this morning!

Round Robin Rules

In our 75 age group there are four groups of teams, with the winner of each group and one “wild card” moving forward to the semi-finals on Friday.  Assuming that Parker’s team would be moving forward, our objective in the match was to win as many GAMES as possible to ultimately be selected for the wild card team.

Match Play

Well, the first set score was a reasonable 6-3.  Oh, did I forget to mention that Noble and I WON that set?!  We both played great, making shots all over the court.

In the second set, Mr. Parker decided he had to cover 3/4 of the court and they took it at 6-2.  So we went to a deciding ten-point Match Tiebreaker.

  • Noble and I regained our footing (and they both made some errors); and we found ourselves with Chip serving at 3-8.
  • They won both their serve points and we switched sides at 8-5.
  • We won one of our two serve points;
  • So Jimmy was serving down three set points at 6-9.
  • His serve to me in the ad court was a winner off the sideline,
  • And he won his next serve point into the deuce court.
  • So we again switched sides, with me serving at 9-8, match point to Jimmy
  • We had a good rally point, which ended with a volley by them hitting the net cord and dribbling over!  (9-9)
  • We were able to win the next point, for another match point at 9-10.
  • They won that and their next one; so we changed sides at 10-11, match point for them.
  • They won that point … and the match 3-6, 6-2, 12-10

Second Match of the Day

The format for this tournament requires (most) all teams to play two matches the first day; so we came back on the court to face the solid team of Bill Simonton and Guido Weber.

The points were close … the games were close … but Noble and I persevered to a 6-3, 6-4 straight set victory.

We will find out after tomorrow afternoon’s match vs. Rick Eichmann and Ray Jean (Marco Island) if we ultimately win the wild card.

for all other results, please click HERE

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6 thoughts on “Playing vs. #1

  1. Wow, George! You surely led us to a bright surprise, not a gory trip as you led us to believe! Bravo!!

    Nick, “Gory is in the eye of the beholder!” Thanks. George

  2. George, from your description, I think this falls in the category of a “good loss.” Good on ya, Mate!

  3. I would be proud to take that team to the brink. Incredible accomplishment. Congratulations George.

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