Fast Four Format

At this year’s Hopman Cup, they played women’s and men’s singles in a best two of three traditional set format; which was followed by the participants combining for mixed doubles in the Fast Four Format.  What is that?

Fast Matches in Fast Four

Because the players could have just completed a grueling two- or three-hour singles match, the organizers wanted to lessen the load in the mixed doubles round, so they played …

  • No ad scoring, with a “deciding point” played at 40-40
  • First to four games wins the set
  • If tied at three games all, tiebreaker is played
  • The tiebreaker is first to five … maximum of nine points, with each of the first three players serving two points each and the fourth player serving three points (if necessary)
  • If they split the first two sets, and went to three games all in the third set, they play the same nine point tiebreaker to decide the match.
  • So, it could come down to the last point being a MUTUAL match point!

I don’t normally like to PLAY short formats, but this one was fun to watch –especially with Roger in the mix and having some great multi-shot rallies.

What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “Fast Four Format

  1. I….for one, am tired of the “continued” sissying out the game. Past generations of Champions must be turning over in their grave!

    Conditioning, is as much as part of the game as all the shots they work on for hours daily.

    When you add bathroom breaks, on court trainers and coaching, ladies (and men) get to go to the locker room and change between sets, yada yada…

    I may be a traditionalist…or just a grumpy old foggy, but I detest what TV (I guess) has done to men’s doubles with no ad points and more. They have already devalued doubles in my mind…now this….I am in the NO thanks camp!

    Dave, good to hear the contrary view! thanks, george

  2. I turned on the Tennis Channel and saw this weird score that was 4-2 (first set) and 0-2 second set and I was thoroughly confused and baffled until I saw this blog and the phrase “Fast Four Format” I guess “no -add” scoring wasn’t good enough?

  3. Hi George – Fast Four and other short formats are fine for social tennis, when the main objective is fun play against multiple opponents before everyone adjourns to beer, wine and munchies. Otherwise it’s going much too far to consider for “real” competition.

    Pete, it did look like fun. thanks, george

  4. I was pleasantly surprised to find an exciting and thoroughly enjoyable mixed doubles game on tv! Not only is it rare to see mixed doubles on tv, but it is rare to see the big stars play doubles at all! So much fun! The players acted as though they truly enjoyed themselves while genuinely playing to win. If the fast format is what gets them to play more often, then I am entirely in that camp. ( Even though I would consider myself a traditionalist who hates to see the on-court coaching visit, etc…)

    Thomas, i also really enjoyed watching the mixed more than the traditional singles matches. thanks, george

  5. The Fast Four Format was used in the NextGen Finals. I enjoyed it. Unless the players were, with their comments about the format, just being politically correct and not wanting to rock the ATP boat, they enjoyed it too.

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