Like Fine Wine

Matt, Dick, Chuck, me

In addition to the results of a doubles exhibition match we played this weekend, there are updates to several senior and pro tournaments to take note of…

Huntington Lakes Exhibition

For the third (?) winter, Chuck Kinyon and I teamed up for a fun exhibition match in front of 30+ residents and friends from Huntington Lakes.  “Like fine wine,” our group of four (vs. Matt Davie and Dick Valentine) averaged 77 years old and while the tennis was not as “crisp” as the match preceding ours between two of the top 16 year olds in the world, it was high caliber.

Chuck and I took a close first set, disappeared totally in the second set, and came back to win the Ten Point Match Tiebreaker for a 6-3, 0-6, 10-6 victory.

Bob Hughes Photo

Speaking of Ten Pointers …

It is reported that the Australian Open is set to introduce tie-breakers in the final sets of all matches, with the change to potentially be introduced for the 2019 tournament.

The move would see a ‘super tie-break’ played at 6-6, meaning players would need to win ten points by a margin of two, reports The Times.

Players are now reportedly being consulted as to whether the change should be brought in for next month’s event, or if instead a trial will take place in qualifying and junior matches.

Longboat Key Changes

Tournament director Tom Scovill reports that “match times and locations will be posted much earlier.  Secondly, any last minute changes (there are always some), will be communicated to all players involved either verbally or electronically.  And players no longer can join two doubles divisions.  Players may join singles, doubles or both but not two doubles.”

I think both these changes are GREAT!  Plus he is looking for feedback on using the round robing doubles format; so please let him know your thoughts.

Sanchez-Casal CAT II Changes

“We have introduced the following important changes in the tournament:


Round Robin Pool Play feeding into a quarterfinal or semifinal bracketed draw will be used in doubles.
Players will be pooled in groups or 3 or 4 teams.


55 will start on Wednesday.
60, 65, 70, 75, 80 will start on Monday.
85, 90 will start on Tuesday.
ALL SINGLES FINALS WILL BE PLAYED ON FRIDAY (except 55 that will be Saturday/Sunday)


55 will start on Wednesday
60, 65, 70, 75, 80 will start on Monday
85 will start on Tuesday

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