Drilling and Kileff Again!

Sorry, didn’t have a pic of the 4 of us!

For the third time this year, Matt and I faced the veteran team of Fred Drilling and Clive Kileff in the semifinals of the 75 doubles at Longboat Key.

The Previous Two

In the first January tournament, we faced them in the semifinals after having to play another long match on what was a very hot Florida day.  I ran out of gas in the third set (just short of heat stroke); so they took the match 6-2 in the third.

In the third January tournament this year, we again faced them in the semifinals on a day when the wind was blowing gusts of 35 mph!  That match went 3.5 hours, and they took it 7-6, 5-7, 7-6.

Saturday’s Semifinals

Once again in the semis, we faced them today.  Matt and I took the first set 6-3.  They came back to take the second set at 6-2.

In the deciding full third set, we took an early break lead; but they reversed it and had a break lead, serving at 4-3.  But Matt and I were able to break; and after four solid service holds went to a deciding first-to-seven tiebreaker.

We took an early lead and they were serving at 2 points to 5; and I thought “Just get one of these two.”  But they took both of their service points to changeover at 5-4 us.  And they went on to take both of OUR service points for a 6-5 lead.  Fred served the deciding point, which they won, along with the 2 hour and 40 minute match.

Fred said, “This should have been the finals! Why were you guys only seeded #4?”

For all the results, just click HERE

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7 thoughts on “Drilling and Kileff Again!

  1. *Outstanding* excuses for the first two encounters. Struggling with finding the right word for this one. 🙂

    KB, this time? Fred raised his game. george

  2. Loved the replacement photo! What was she seeded?

    Jim, Genie was #1 in my book at one time. george

  3. Congratulations on graduating from surgery, rehab, relearning tennis movement.
    Well done, enjoy 2019 opportunities.

    Winder, thanks. Feels good. Now, your turn! george

  4. Good job with Drilling, George! Used to watch him at the B & R 50’s tournament.

    Ken, he is one tough competitor! thanks, george

  5. George,

    Sounds like you’re back! Great to hear and congratulations!


    Phil, feels good to go all out. thanks, george

  6. Forget the tennis. Where did you get this picture of my wife?

    Got in a bar from a guy with several others! 🙂

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