Longboat Thursday

Wendall, George and us

The issue of darkness, multiple divisions being played in and real match play all continued on the Thursday of the Longboat Key tournament.


Some great comments from readers on this subject.  If you haven’t read them, take a look at the previous post.  I was especially taken by Tom Diehl’s comparison of “I have trouble seeing in low light situations” with other medical problems like having a blister or getting muscle cramps.

When I spoke with the tournament referee, he said he should have told us to play on until sunset; but we agreed that we were all being “nice guys” and not pushing the issue.

Multiple Division Play

So, our unfinished first match is STILL unfinished; because we were supposed to play it after our Thursday matches; but the one opponent had another match to play in the 70s age group.  So maybe today???

Thursday’s Match

Matt and I faced the veteran and likable team of Wendall Walker and George Pestrue on a sunny afternoon match.  The strength of our team is my lefty partner’s amazing serve; but Wendall and George were able to break it in the first game.

But that was it … Matt and I settled down to win the next nine games and cruise to a 6-1, 6-1 victory.

Friday Matches

As I walked back from breakfast just after 8:30 am this morning, I get a call from the tournament desk saying we were scheduled to play our “called upon of darkness” match at 8:30 and our opponents were standing there and waiting.

Since we were uninformed about this and it was NOT posted on the website by the time we went to bed last night, they said “get here as soon as you can and you can finish that match.”

So I got Matt out of the breakfast restaurant and we hustled down to the courts.  But just as we got there, the player who caused the conflicts by playing in two age division, stormed away saying he was quitting the tournament!

The Real Match

So we waited around until 2 p.m. that afternoon to play the deciding match in our round robin group vs. the solid team of Walt Peckinpaugh and Jim Kiesby.  Whoever won that match would move forward to the semi finals on Saturday.

Even though we struggled to win almost every game, the first set came to us at a 6-2 score.  In the second set, there were a series of service breaks and we found ourselves serving at 3-5.

Matt and I played solid, tournament tennis and won the last four games to take the match 6-2, 7-5.  And we wait the winners in the other divisions (and will probably face #1 seeded Fred Drilling and Clive Kileff.

For all the results, just click HERE

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8 thoughts on “Longboat Thursday

  1. All excellent points made about “playing on” based on the referee’s decision. Sounds like he has agreed that he made the wrong decision in this instance. Lots was learnt.

    As to entering more than one doubles division, I see having that option as a *wonderful* thing. Singles tennis is actually an unnatural avocation, attractive to folks who are either marathon runner types, or so skilled at what they do that they shouldn’t be around normal folks in the first place. 🙂

    Always *love* hearing the stories about Hugh Thomson entering three or four events in Southern tournaments and making it to the finals in all of them. A major headache to the organizers, but they were the ones who let him enter in the first place. Nothing more fun than watching Hugh take folks apart.

    We normal folks who play doubles and figure to have minimal chances of advancing to the finals *love* having the opportunity to lose in more than one division. *And*, this round robin option for doubles just about has me ready to give tournament tennis one more try – after a year and a half of moping over the pitiful right wrist. 🙂

    BTW, we’re moving tomorrow from Savannah to SE Florida. Understand that there’s a 55 and over 4.5 league in Broward Co. Will also be looking for dive buddies in the Pompano Beach area. 🙂 (Will have daily access to a boat via “boat club”. )

    Kevin, in fact, Larry T just mentioned to me yday about having to put in “the Hugh Thompson Rule” to avoid that. Welcome to sunny florida! george

  2. Like William Thomson (Lord Kelvin) and J.J. Thomson, who discovered the electron, Hugh’s last name has no “P”, IIRC. 🙂

    Thanks, Mr. SpellCheckerr! george

  3. Playing in two events caused the conflict?!? Was there a rule to not sign up for two events? No…. what cased the conflict was you not looking at the draw. other people told me they saw that we played at 8:30. And I NEVER said I quit the tournament!! Official said one Hr. was reasonable and you were “No Show”.. You know the rules and you KNOW if they were doing there job you would be out in 16 min. I gave you one hour ( and eating breakfast is not a mitigating factor) And sorry that you did not know the start time, however ignorance is no excuse to the law. i.e. USTA rules. I don’t know any of you men, but Allen, Tom and you let me down. Post this George

    Ron, the problem came because Tom told both you and your partner the 8:30 start time (my understanding was one in person and the other on the phone) and no one told us. Matt and i did check online the night before (me at 9 pm) and nothing was posted. According to your partner, the time was posted at 11:19 pm. When we tried to check Friday morning, the internet was out at our motel; so we went to breakfast and were going to call when we got back. Maybe another time we can do it again! thanks, george

  4. I believe there to be only one “R” in “checker”. 🙂

    Kevin, that was intentionally for you! george

  5. Unfortunate circumstances of late posting of match time for 8:30am start, the team with no direct communication apparently not having the USTA app which would allow access by a cell phone even without internet service, and the tournament ‘s having to choose between bad choices a) default seeded team who had reason (but not excuse) for not checking schedule update or b) having team that did show up wait and wait and not get the technically appropriate default win c) also, it appears to me that it was a match between the top two teams to determine the winner of the group. I discount as irrelevant the “controversy” about whether the match should have continued when it was stopped after 1st set. Once the match was stopped for “too dark to see” and accepted by both teams and the tournament official, one team feeling it inappropriate but still accepting it makes that issue history.
    I have no problem with the “early” stopping of play (one team asked and the other parties agreed) nor the tournament decision not to default the team that was an hour late for an 8:30am match given the circumstances. I do object to hard feelings and the not completing the match. Come on guys, compete and enjoy it while you can.

    Winder, right … we travel to these tournaments to PLAY tennis. thanks, george

  6. Come on George…You have been around this stuff for a long time. The reason Tom told us was because we took the initiative. One to call and the other drove to the tennis center to personally ask. There are 300 plus people in the tournament, surely you don’t expect the check in people to call everyone to tell them their dynamic start time. Why didn’t you call or go on line if you have a smart phone?
    The bottom line is that it is YOUR responsibility to find out the start times. One hour is certainly being flexible. What if everyone was an hour late, imagine the backup on the courts. How flexible can we/they be?
    Yeah… I’m ok with some leniency, but what do we do, just throw the rule book away?

    The USTA referee and I agreed to wait until 9:30 for your team to get there, and your team was not there at 9:30. Why you were advanced to semi is a mystery to me. I will pose that question to the USTA. I did not “Quit” the tournament, I left to go to my next tournament match 1.5 Hr. away with two of my home town competitors thinking the match was over. And to Winder’s point and your concurrence, its not ONLY about our enjoyment of competition its a structured event dictated by the Friend at Court book. I do appreciate you posting my POV. Ron

  7. Well it now appears that the referee got it right. Thomas/Klieve win 4-6 Retire (quit).
    I Still don’t understand why you guys on a personal level played the semi match knowing the circumstances. End of story

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