Singles v Doubles

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After nine months of limping pain, hip replacement, and rehab … I finally returned to the singles court for my first match.  It was enlightening!

Singles vs. Doubles

While doubles is a great game that accentuates racquet skills and provides great social interaction, the singles game provides benefits of its own.  There is a totally different “rhythm” to a singles match, where every shot is “Yours!”  You are planning more points two shots ahead and staying on the balls of your feet more.

The exercise and cardio benefits for me are much greater.  Thankfully, this singles match was on the first day of Naples first winter “cold front,” where the temps were only in the high 60s.  But I was still able to feel my heart rate get elevated and stay there for longer periods of time.

Post Surgery Status

And amazingly, I was very happy with my footwork.  While I feel I am still at 95% of “my former self,” that was still good enough for me to be able to run side to side + to be able to get to most of the drop shots thrown my way!

The winter tournaments?  I don’t know if I am ready to play both singles and doubles at the tournament level come January; but we shall see.

Your thoughts on singles vs. doubles?

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3 thoughts on “Singles v Doubles

  1. I had double hip replacement surgery last September; played three sets of competitive doubles three months and one week later… That was too early… I thought I felt better than I actually did… Anyone having these replacement-type surgeries needs to make sure they’re fully healed or coming back too early may set you back.

    Roy, good advice… “listen to your body”. thanks, george

  2. Well done George. Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself. Stay fit, nothing else matters. Don’t complain about temps in the 60s, high or low !

  3. George I’ve seen a lot of players win both singles and doubles to my amazement . I have never been able to play both in the same tournament . I believe you are asking a lot of your body at tournament level tennis. It’s a great feeling to know when you finish the match you can start regrouping for the next day . The mindset for me as always been play the match your in , when I did try both I found my mind looking ahead because I was already getting tired. With that said there are some players that have done both and will probably continue , my hat is off to you guys!

    OhioJack, and if you are involved in a grueling singles match in the morning, you think about your afternoon doubles partner. Thanks. George

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