Tennis Is Fun Again!

If you are a senior tennis player, you have had a significant injury, played with that injury, and come back from that injury.  So how do you feel now?

It Is Fun Again

My hip started really bothering me during the January/February tournament season; and I finally had it replaced in May.  Now after 8+ months of dealing with the pain and rehab, I am playing at about 95% of where I was last year; and TENNIS IS FUN AGAIN.

This week, I was able to get back to my “normal” six-day-a-week playing schedule and felt like I was moving much, much better on the court.

Other Seniors …

Larry Turville – Last I heard, he was trying to put back the 25 pounds he lost during his successful battle with throat/tongue cancer; and actually won a doubles tournament in September.

Bob Dilworth – Is now back in Florida and recovering from complications from the same hip replacement surgery I had (with the same surgeon).

Tom Sansonetti – Has been working for over a year and a half with complications from a double knee replacement; and is hoping to return to Newk’s camp next year.

Willy Hoffmann – Had a wonderful “all clear” on his battle with bladder cancer the week before we all went to Newk’s.

Steve Morris – Naples friend is now back on the court after his double knee replacement surgery about six months ago – and hitting the ball great.

Any others??

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4 thoughts on “Tennis Is Fun Again!

  1. Glad to hear you’re up to 95% (from 92%)! I’m looking forward to helping you get back up to 100% (if it’s possible!!).

    Steve, that is my goal! thanks, george

  2. It’s a mindset George. Due to the nature and severity of my elbow arthritis I have not been able to play “good” tennis for the last 10-12 years. Some days I do come close and when I conjure up a magical shot I still get the same kick that I did when I was a kid.

    I always enjoy getting out on the court and and always try to leave it all out there. My mantra has always been that a bad day on the court still beats a good day at work.

    Chris, I too am a “glass half full” guy; but sometimes the pain can really be a downer until it is fixed. thanks, george

  3. Hi,
    Have not been trying to match your timeline. My right hip anterior surgery by your doc was on 10/16. By 10/26 I was pain free, cane free and driving. As you told me I am : walking, walking, walking. Am in outside PT for 3 days / wk. for 4 wks. No plan for any new activity until 11/26 when I see Dr. Zehr. I’m glad you have mended so well.

    Bill, great stuff! Keep doing what you are doing! George

  4. Hi George,
    I just read your blog this morning, and congratulations on your nearly full recovery! I’ll hope to see you in mid-February at The Meadows and in June for the Friendship Cup.
    FYI, I’m thrilled to have felt full recovery since early October, just six weeks from my left hip replacement. I play only doubles, two or three days a week, so I’m stressing it far less than yours. But I expect we share equally a delight in the returned ability to take a fast, painless first step when the ball comes our way!
    Best regards,
    Pete Allen

    Pete, yes, i too look forward to February and the Sarasota tournaments! thanks, george

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