Tuesday Rain


This morning we woke to rain and wet courts; so we had to play a modified schedule all day …

The Kangaroos and Dunnies went inside to the four (!) covered courts to play doubles, while the rest of us were entertained by Newk, Emmo, and Rocket telling stories of their early years and answering any questions we had.  After they were done, we switched positions.

The abbreviated match format was for an eight game pro set, no ad scoring, with a tie breaker at 7-7.

So, Jim Bumgartner and I didn’t get to start our “morning match” until well after 1 p.m. We played two younger rookies, Jeff from Orlando and Brad Holbrook, a professional actor from NYC.  Jim and I played solid tennis, taking an early break lead (very important in this short format tennis); but they broke us back and were serving at 6-7.  We were able to break in the clutch and pull out a 8-6 win.


We finally then got back out on the courts about 4 p.m. to play our second matches.  This time, Jim and I faced a solid team of Jeff Makevich (Chicago) and Michael Quinn (Denver).  This time, we were still playing an eight game pro set, but with regular (not No Ad) scoring.

We took early control of the match with some solid play and found ourselves serving up 5-2 (two breaks).  But Mr. MO decided to switch sides; so they broke, held and broke to bring it back to 5-5.

Then, we righted the sinking ship and won three tough games to take it 8-5.

Team Results

Every match turned out to be critical, and the Musclemen edged us 19-18.  And the Kangaroos also squeeked out a 16-15 victory.  They ended up counting our half a match on Monday as full, so our Wanker team is now out of it at 0-2.

Dinner was Italian night (Willy’s least favorite), with chicken parm and lasagna followed by Doc Eden returning to the podium as Commissioner of the Australian Boat Race beer drinking contest, improving his record of nasty joke ratings.

After Dinner

Army vet and camper Dave O’Steen presented Newk with a boxed flag that flew over the Pentagon, for all his support of America.

And Doc Eden, at age 92.5, said that he “probably won’t be back next year” for his 32nd consecutive year (the only camper with that honor); so he had a picture taken with the other six Legends and staff who have also been here every year.

Then, I did a presentation of the “Senior Moment” award … given in absence to Len Saltzman, who tore his meniscus three weeks ago, had it immediately operated on, and was still planning to come to camp until last Thursday.  But his knee wouldn’t let him.  But he did send his “greetings” to the group…

although I’ve been playing for a week I’m not ready to face a bunch of heartless bastards who would drop shot and lob me, and revel at my ineptitude while they curried favor with their equally heinous coaches.  So enjoy yourselves while I lick my wounds and remember, I’ll be back!”  

After a good panel of the rookie coaches, i went back to my room to watch the Red Sox take game one of the World Series.

Tomorrow, the forecast is again for rain; so we will start indoors at 8:15 am!!

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