Call a “Let”?

The rule is: “anyone can call a Let.”  But what if there was no real reason to call that let, then what do you do?

“I heard something.”

Playing a New Hampshire doubles match this week, I was returning serve.  The ball came to me and I hit a winning shot cross court; but the net man protested that he heard (and called) a Let.

His partner corrected him, saying that the noise he heard was the server’s racquet hitting his own shin.  We took the point and they didn’t really object; but should we have?

US Open

There have been some really incredible late-night matches this week at the Open.  It seems to me that, in spite of the horrible heat and humidity, that the quality of play has been higher than normal.

On the men’s side, I am picking not one of my favorites, Mr. Nadal, nor one of my not favorites, Mr. Djokovic (I have not yet watched my recording of last night’s match) … but the powerful Juan Martin del Portro.  YOU?

On the women’s side, I would like to think that Madison Keys is ready; but I do not think she is.  So, the crown probably goes to Miss TuTu.

TV Coverage

If you are looking to watch today, ESPN’s main draw coverage is on tonight at 7 p.m. ET (opposite the opening night of NFL football); but if you have internet TV, you can pick up doubles and juniors and wheelchair matches on ESPN3 in the afternoon.

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3 thoughts on “Call a “Let”?

  1. I’m starting to become a big proponent of eliminating the service let all together like they have done in college tennis and I think in Team Tennis as well. I was told that it was eliminated in college because too often, when an opponent served an ace, the returner would say it was a let. It’s sad to think that kind of cheating goes on, but we all know it does. Service lets do not favor either the server or returner and since we play all other lets throughout the game, why not just eliminate it at all levels. We’ve done that in some of our friendly games and after the initial adjustment period, it works just fine!!

    Steve, i am with you! thanks, george

  2. I agree the service let should be eliminated. Brad Gilbert stated during the US Open that many serves signaled as lets were several inches above the net.

    Bob, yea, where is Fingers Fortesque when we need him?! Who remembers where that comes from?? george

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