Turville Hits Gong

Tennis is “important”; but life and health are more important.  Good friend and senior tennis leader, Larry Turville has completed his months of chemo and radiation for his throat cancer and his heading home.  Here is his report…

Hey George,

It’s finally here, I finished with treatment!   Going to be a bit of a rough recovery as I have lost 25 lbs and still can’t eat solids.  But goods new I should be healing from here out.  Good time to challenge me on the courts! 

Probably won’t be able to play for at least month to get strength up.  So now headed to Dunnellon for few days and then to Waynesville, NC.  I look forward  to eating , sleeping, watching golf & tennis, and getting my strength back.

Thanks to all my those who have sent their prayers and words of encouragement.  It truly gives you an appreciation of life.

All the best and hope the hip recovery is going well. Easy does it!


Ps. At the end of treatment, you bang the gong and sign the board.  Hair is starting to grow back, but no face hair yet.

Larry, if you and I were to be on the court now, I would hit you with my cane and it would be comical!  Get well soon.

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8 thoughts on “Turville Hits Gong

  1. Great news about Larry! He’s a warrior and best of luck! Let the healing begin!

    with love and positive healing thoughts,

    Laury Hammel

  2. Larry Legend…. So happy to hear your treatment is going well… All your friends ‘from the road’ wish you the best!

  3. All the best to Larry Turville our good friend and leader of Super Senior Florida Tennis.
    I hope the toughest part is over for you and it will just positive thoughts for recovery.
    Please keep in mind the whole tennis world has been praying for you big fella.
    Hope to see you back on the courts real soon!

  4. I am hoping for a speeding recovery for the both of you and looking forward to seeing you both on the courts next winter season.

  5. Larry and George,
    Our prayers are with you both, for a speedy recovery, and after that, a high percentage of first serves.

  6. Larry, I just received details on what you’ve been going through. Although I was aware that you had contracted cancer, I knew nothing about the specifics. While these things seem more common at advanced ages, it’s still hard to deal with the tribulations and pain endured by friends as well as be reminded of the risks of our own mortality. I had just gone through that experience with the loss of Tom Grayson, with whom I’ve played at least once a week for the last 40 years. It does sound like your recovery is progressing and you are about to find yourself on the tennis court again. Please accept my best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery. Best Regards, Tom James.

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