Shortest Match Ever?

Two Naples tennis friends were playing a tournament match… and it ended after TWO points!  That story and my hip surgery update follow.

In or Out or Argue?

My friends served the first point, which the opponent lobbed.  Both of my guys saw it out and called it as such.  But the lobber “insisted” (very loudly) that his ball was in.  His partner finally calmed him down and my friends served the second point to the ad court.

“Now we’re even!”

The serve was well inside the service box; but the first-point lobber called “OUT!  Now, we are even.”  My friends said if winning the match is that important to you, you can have it.  and they walked off the court.

Good Idea?

Successful Surgery

The hip replacement surgery was yesterday at 1 p.m.; and the picture is of me walking the halls just two hours after!

I did the walking routine around the corridors last night and this morning … and I was discharged at noon today.

Dr. Zehr said the surgery went fine; and, without any prescription pain killers, I am feeling a little soreness … but no real pain.  I hope/plan to be hitting balls on the wall in four weeks; and then we shall see from there

Thanks to YOU

Thanks to all who urged getting it done sooner than later, those who introduced the anterior/front approach, and too all of those who put up with the “tennis game” I have been playing on the courts for the last six+ weeks.

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22 thoughts on “Shortest Match Ever?

  1. Congratulations on taking this important step to a full recovery and terrific movement on the tennis court.

    I play against guys all the time with new hips and they are speed demons!

    Balance being careful and courageous in your healing process.

    Good Luck!

    Laury, yes, that balance is the challenge. thanks, george

  2. Congratulations on the surgery–you look great in the picture and it sounds as if the post op experience is exactly as it should be–Best wishes for a speedy recovery–just be careful not to fall!!! you will feel so good that you may be tempted to run or risk tripping too soon and that is what the surgeons are most concerned about. Moving often will prevent clots, as I am sure they told you.
    As for the question posed about terminating the match: good for them!! The opponent sounds so unsportsmanlike that enduring that mutant for an entire match is a waste of time!

    Doc, i agree on both counts! thanks, george

  3. Wow!! I think I might have requested a lines judge first, but the lobber is completely out of line!

    Jim. i could be wrong; but i think this tourny doesnt use umpires! george

  4. Boy hard to believe you are walking already , way to go! As far as the two points , I would have to know the situation and history of the player.

    OhioJack, my friends had never met or played vs the other team. george

  5. Excellent. Good luck George. I love your “T” shirt.

    Arnie, thanks. It is a UCONN Ladies shirt and got several hospital comments (one from a TN fan!) george

  6. George: Pleased to hear all went well…..had you covered in my prayers! Hope to see you in New England! Best, Ray

    Ray, thanks. george

  7. Delighted, and a bit relieved, to hear the good news!

    Rick, me too! thanks. george

  8. george. the time will fly by in no time (your tennis friends will hardly
    notice it). ha.
    seriously, obey your doctor. you must be soo happy it’s behind you.
    keep us all in the loop.

  9. George – You’ll be a great rehab role model for me, a couple months behind you … all the best!!

    Pete. I will try to do it right! George

  10. Glad all went well, George. I wouldn’t be surprised to see you back on the court in a very few weeks playing your normal (good) game.

    Ron. Let’s hope! Thanks. George

  11. Unbelievable that you are up and using a walker so soon without opioids to get you by the initial pain. Good for you!

    My right knee replacement surgery is May 22. I won’t be hitting balls against a wall within four weeks I an assure you.

    Tom. So far, just Tylenol. Let’s hope. Thanks. George

  12. George,
    Great news and all the best!
    You are an inspiration to all of us 70+ guys!
    Hang in there and hope to see you soon–especially if you’re in the Hartford area.

    Thanks Phil. Going to Newks this year? George

  13. So glad your surgery is over with, and a great success if you’re walking & going home so soon!!! As for that incredible #%&*@&##!!! on the court, I would have walked off too. What a jerk. I bet he has trouble finding anyone to play with him!

    Caroline. Thanks. And re the bad calls, they played other friends in the next match and were bageled! george

  14. Congratulations George on your new hip. Looks like you are almost ready to move over to the ad side when we play next time! Be smart with your rehab.

    Hank, thanks… but YOUR backhand is still so much better! george

  15. George,
    Happy for you. Glad you did all your research. I had heard of this specific match and they made absolutely the right decision. Who would even want to be around two people like that for an hour and a half? Unfortunately people like that don’t learn and are always really miserably unhappy people anyway so great move!

    Dave, and as it turned out, our other friends of Matt Davie and Ted Underwood bageled the bad guys in the finals. george

  16. Bravo, George- I’m sure a lot of the success is due to your being fit before surgery, that’s always one of the most important factors. Now you just need to get a group together and come up here for Laver Cup in September before we all head to Newk’s!

    Lenny, thanks. Fitness will help, i believe. george

  17. Looking great, George be careful.

    george, yes,that is the new advice i am getting. i will try! thanks, george

  18. way to go, George…we are all cheering for you…and as for the short match, I highly applaud what they did . Life is too short, and tennis is too great a game, to put up with jerks. Walk off and play another day! Scoot

    scoot, thanks and i agree! george

  19. George- Congrats….you’re going to love your new hip and your increased lateral movement!
    Regarding the guys who walked off the court, good for them. Why do we play this game anyway?

    John, right and right! george

  20. George, Glad you’re up and around already. Weight training starts tomorrow to get ready for October. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

    Brian, actually, weight training starts TODAY! see you there! george

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