The Massage Ball

Have a muscle pain that won’t go away and no time to get a professional massage?  Well, just “have a ball.”

A Simple Solution

Here are some great words of advice from our senior tournament, super masseuse, Joann Nicodemus talking about the hip, but relevant to other areas …

Stretching should never hurt. There are all sorts of stretches for opening up the hip joint that might give you relief by easing the pressure on the hip in the socket. But if gentle stretching is painful, then you probably need an intervention of some kind.”

“One thing you might try is a tennis ball. Lay on the floor with it under you. Look for some tender, tight bands or spots. Hold pressure there for 20 seconds or so to see if you can get them to release. You may find several trigger points out near the ball of the hip. And it will probably be a “good hurt” near your tailbone. Another helpful thing might be a hot tub jet.”

Massage Balls

Pelican Bay friend Tony Williams shared that he has a ball that is designed to do just that.  Pictured here, the ball has “prongs” to aid in its massage power.

I have also used a wooden “roller” to help massage my legs after a tough match.

Anyone have experience with these tools?

Keith Butterfield Passing

Keith Butterfield (second from left)

A good friend and a great guy, Keith Butterfield passed this week in Connecticut after a long battle with cancer.  A super tennis player, he was also a super guy … always with a nice word to say and a constant smile on his face.  We will all miss him.


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6 thoughts on “The Massage Ball

  1. Keith was a great friend, a wonderful tennis partner, but most of all, a terrific human being. I will miss his always upbeat approach to life.


  2. So sad about Keith. Agreed, a great player and better person. My thoughts are with him and his family.

  3. When I first got here I remember watching Keith hit forehand volleys and it really helped me just to watch him and try to emulate his stroke because at the time my forehand volley was not producing the desired result. I always thanked him when I played against him.
    On the massage ball, this is what I was talking about concerning preventative massage on the “gluts”. I blew out my back years ago at a waterskiing school in Orlando and then later had a trip to Hong Kong. I was in a lot of pain and had brought a tennis ball with me. I used it on the gluts every three hours since I couldn’t go to a Chiropractor there. Now for years after waking up with the usual back pain in the morning I use a harder ball the same size and just relax into the pain on both sides and my pain is pretty much gone every time after doing it. I was exposed to one like the one in the picture by a Chiropractor in the Philippines and would like to know George where you get one of those spiked ones.

    Dave, the spiked ball came from Naples friend Tony Williams. george

  4. George, Foam rollers, various balls, and lacrosse balls have become a main-stay in all athletic training rooms today. They are great tools for activating tight and stiff muscle or as a relaxation tool after a workout or tennis match. Another ingredient that has been added is to place the “ball” at a sore/tight spot and then do a movement. An example would to place ball on the hamstring and do leg extension/flexion; or calf and do flexion/extension of the ankle. This increases circulation, improved range of motion, and decreases pain. Larry

    Larry, good stuff! thanks, george

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