No Butts About It

Where on the handle of your racquet should your hand be when serving?  At the end or somewhere up higher?

The Benefit of a Big Butt? 

French tennis pro Richard Gasquet has a unique procedure… he re-wraps his racquet with TournaGrip before the match and on every changeover!  And not only that, he wraps around the butt of the racquet several times to create a large “stop” and then ends only a few inches up on the handle as in the picture.

What is the benefit or purpose of this action?

For me, when serving, I try to have my grip coming OFF the end of the racquet handle.  That, I believe, gives more looseness on my grip and thus more racquet head speed.

But I have some tennis friends who have their hand well up onto the handle, saying it gives them more control.

What do YOU think?

PS from Rick Schultz: This is a picture that I have always liked of Yannick Noah serving in the French Open.  It is somewhat related to where you hold the racket, but more about how loosely you grip it.

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4 thoughts on “No Butts About It

  1. Gripping on the end of the handle or with a finger or two slightly off the handle = more torque. Gripping further up = more control. To each his or her own…find what works. Somewhere in between works for me. And like Goldilocks knows…not too loosely, not too tightly, just right.

    Alan, good analysis! thanks, george

  2. Just FYI that buttcap is built up by his customizer and uses leather and tape to make the huge end cap (Tomas Muster in the 90s did the same). And if you watch Richie serving or hitting a FH you can see where he has that huge “knob” almost in the middle of his palm.

    Michel, then, he also makes it larger by using half the role of tape around it, before going up the handle a few inches. i will try to check out his grip over the butt. thanks, george

  3. I find, if I grip the butt at the end with a finger off the handle, that it gives me much greater snap to the ball…more slice spin….great for wide serves.

    John, me too. thanks, george

  4. Trying to find the right pronation which will work for you ( feel ), can be daunting. I agree with Alan. In finding that grip I teach throwing a hose ( rubber garden -27 inches) as practice. Besides those having a problem. I use it in teaching Visually Impaired/Blind ( feel ). Art (Dick) Richards

    Good tip! Thanks. George

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