A New Rating System

What is your tennis rating… are you a 4.0? 4.5?  The same for singles and doubles?  Well, there is a new rating system to help tournament/league  seeders (and you) distinguish differences between players.

The Universal Tennis Rating System

The Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) is a number between 1–16.5 that you’re allocated based on your level of play. Three factors go into the rating: Competition, Score and Recent History.

I have helped out some on senior tournament seedings; and it is a challenging exercise … putting aside personal knowledge/bias, you have to go into each player’s tournament history to see not only how far they have been able to get; but WHO they were able to beat and/or what SCORES they were able to accomplish against better players.

This new (FREE) program appears to do all that.  I have been in their system for several months now and, with decent tournament results, have seen my rating move up a couple of digits.  I am now a 4.71 in singles and a 4.51 in doubles (for comparison, Fred Drilling is a 5.60 in singles and a 4.85 in doubles).

Want To See More?

According to their website, “We’ve opened up our platform so that players at all levels can get their two-decimal UTR, create and manage their profiles, and search the UTR database to see how they compare to tennis players around the world.”

The Tennis Channel will be using this rating system too at the start of matches to highlight player profiles.  To check out UTR, click HERE

With apologies to my good friend Spike Gonzales, who helped create the current NTRP rating system, it doesn’t … take into account age differences, distinguish between singles and doubles abilities, fine tune the ratings beyond 4.0, 4.5, etc. (altho it was supposed to).

What are your thoughts/needs on this or other tennis ratings?

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11 thoughts on “A New Rating System

  1. Unrelated to this topic, i am getting ready to clean out my old tennis trophies and plaques. Any ideas what to do with them??? thanks. george

  2. When you ask for the UTR rating on their site do they automatically pull match info from the USTA? George D

    George, Yes, all my tournament scores get posted (usually about 1-2 weeks after it ends). george

  3. Hi George
    Were your tournament scores automatically loaded from USTA or did you have to load them?
    Bob McAfee

    Bob, they do it (usually 1-2 weeks after the event). george

  4. Love the UTR system……….very similar to the French rating system which is easily the best in the world. It’s dynamic and presents a much better picture than the current 0.0 to 6.0 scale used here in the states.

    Michel, I don’t know the French system, but i like this one. thanks, george

  5. Your & Fred’s # ‘s must rate for 75/ yr. old players. Not close to actual #’s in men’s NTRP …. Am I correct??

    Paul – Nothing to do with NTRP… the scale goes up to 16+. george

  6. It’s hard to believe that if the UTR scale goes up to 16+ that Fred is only a 5.60 in singles.

    Jack, think Roger Federer … then someone like Ryan Harrison … then the hundreds of guys below them … then the college players… etc. George

  7. Just Signed up and am looking forward to seeing how it works.Seems like a better
    system, NTRP really does not take in account age and other factors.Thanks for the heads up.

    Ron, we shall both see! George

  8. George when I cleaned out my trophies years ago, I donated to a Hand in Hand event in NJ
    It was an event for handicapped athletics. Usually autism or mentally challenged. They had a local engraver take the metal bar with the name and replace it for the current winner.

    Barbara, thanks! george

  9. Barbara, Could I get more info about that Hand in Hand event/organization in NJ?

  10. George, find a local junior program where they can give out your old trophies to winners of their tourneys.

    Ali, how have you been these last couple of years?? thanks, george

  11. I must say that I like the NTRP system better. On the NTRP scale of 1-7 I’m a 4 – over half way up the ladder. On the UTR scale of 1-16 I’m only a 5 – less than a third of the way up.

    But Terry, look how much farther UP you can go?! george

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