Tournament Survey Results

With Hank Irvine

Thanks to all who played in the first three Florida tournaments and to the 200+ (!) players who responded to the recent survey.  Here are the rankings and a summary of the many comments received (the tournament directors have received the full list of every comment made).

NSMTA CAT III Doubles-Only Tournament (at Sanchez-Casal)
Rating (1-10): 8.1
What did you like most and least?

The general consensus was that players really liked the doubles round-robin format and being assured of three matches to be played; but did not like having to play two matches a day.  There were concerns about the lack of information about what the schedule would be and the ”rules” governing the outcome.

World Tennis Club
Rating (1-10): 9.5
What did you like most and least?

The WTC tournament again this year gets the top rating.  Players liked: the friendly volunteers, the shirt, the organization, the efficiency and the dinner.  The only minor negative noted by some was the impact of the cold evening on tournament dinner.

CAT II at Sanchez-Casal
Rating (1-10): 7.3
What did you like most and least?

With the largest number of entries, this event got the most (and most varied) comments.  They noted the improvement (from last year) on the running of the tournament and the effective use of electronic communications to update on weather issues.  Players also liked the food options and the socialization; but didn’t care for the tee shirts, the trophies and some of the on-site communications issues.

Thanks to the tournament directors, staff and all the volunteers who make these events possible for all of us to enjoy.

Any additional comments?

The Meadows Tournament

Hank Irvine and I came home with another first-place beer glass, winning over a tired Steve Lunsford (playing a three-hour singles final before our doubles final) and a solid Walter Beatty 6-3, 6-1.  For all the tournament results, click HERE

P.S. “Hank Irvine and his partner” (Evert for four and me for two) have won SIX consecutive USTA 75s doubles titles, starting at Longboat Key in December!!

Glutton For Punishment?

Twelve hours after returning from Sarasota, I took to the Pelican Bay courts with Bob Wilkie as my partner for this weekend’s Club Championships.  We won our two rounds on Saturday and play the finals vs. last year’s champs today at 12:30.

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3 thoughts on “Tournament Survey Results

  1. Great doubles on Friday (of course!). It was so nice to meet you, sorry you won’t be at Palmaire. I hope to see you next year.

    Caroline, after today’s final, done with tournaments for a good while!! thanks, george

  2. Along with Allan Thompson and Don Caprio, I saw your final with Hank Irvine at the Meadows. I don’t think you made more than 3 or 4 unforced errors the entire match. And…. you kept setting up your partner for the kill shot….way to go.

    John. Thanks. Those are my exact goals! George

  3. Congrats on the Payne Park / Meadows doubles championships; well done…….

    Mark, helps to have a great partner! thanks, george

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