Which Side Runs More?

If your doubles partner is injured or very tired, he should play the deuce court.  That according to tournament veteran Peter Allen.

I was talking with Peter in the locker room Wednesday evening and he said, “he amazingly just learned” that (with two right-handers playing together) the ad court player has to cover more court, since he comes over the middle to take the overheads and volleys … and then has to scoot back to cover his own alley.

A new concept to me too; but it came into play in our semi-finals match yesterday.

The Meadows Tournament

Hank Irvine and I are seeded #2 this week vs. a tough field of doubles teams in this Sarasota tournament.  We had a first-round bye on Tuesday; and then played the good team of Walt Peckinpaugh and Leon Kennedy on Wednesday.  Hank and I were both nearly perfect (making 2-3 unforced errors each the whole match) and won 6-0, 6-0.

But Hank is also paying singles this week; and as the #3 seed had a first-round bye and second-round walk-over.  But on Wednesday, he had a solid win over #6 seed Guido Weber (Ontario) and then yesterday played a grueling, nearly three-hour match, losing to #2 seeded, lefty-righty Steve Lunsford 6-2; 6-7(2); 6-1

Déjà vu All Over Again?

After a brief break, Hank dragged himself onto the doubles court with me vs. the #3 team of Frank Hagelshaw and Guido Weber.  Although we have been playing Hank in the ad and me in the deuce court, Hank suggested that he would have to run less if he moved back to the deuce court (just like Peter Allen said the night before); so we did.

Background: Last year at this same tournament, Hank and I had a first-round bye and then a very strong 6-0, 6-0 victory; but in the semi-finals squandered TEN match points to lose (coincidentally to Peter Allen and Tommie George).

Yesterday, with me in the ad court, we won a close first set 6-4; and then had a back-and-forth second set, leading up to Hank serving 6-5, 40-love.   They made some great shots to make it 40-15 … 40-30 … deuce … Yikes! But we won the next two points for a solid 6-4, 7-5 win.


Hank can rest up with no singles and we play the doubles finals at 2 p.m. vs. the #1 seeds of Steve Lunsford and Walter Beatty.  Who plays which side?  TBD.

For the tournament link to see all results, just click HERE

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3 thoughts on “Which Side Runs More?

  1. One adjustment for the desired result of deuce court player running less is to stagger net position from normal with deuce court player closer to net and ad court further back. This allows ad court player to cover lobs over his head AND over his partner’s head. Running down lobs is the most fatiguing movement in doubles to me.
    Good luck in the finals – I would have you back in the deuce court.

    Winder, thanks. We shall see what my partner says. george

  2. Wow! Yes, and to think I got to watch every point! It was a really good match! I’m looking forward to today at 2:00. Caroline

    Caroline, hopefully we can do a repeat performance! see ya. george

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