New Round Robin Format?

Fred Stolle on Sympathy

This week is the first attempt at the new round robin tournament format at the NSMTA Cat III Doubles-Only event at Sanchez-Casal.  How is it going?  And what is the prognosis on my son’s ruptured Achilles?

Round Robin Reviews

According to all the conversation around the (free) beer table after the first day (and late afternoon thunder storms) … the new format is a BIG SUCCESS.  If you are participating in the event, what are your thoughts?  Please take the time to comment; so tournament runners can get a sense of its pluses and minuses.

New To The 75s

Partner Matt Davie and I played our first morning match vs. the very challenging team of John Swan and Ted Underwood (MA).  They had the edge in the first set, winning 7-5; but then Matt suggested we try Australian formation on BOTH sides of the court and we took the second set 6-2.

The ten-point match tiebreaker was a seesaw event, with the lead changing hands several times… but the last “change” was to our advantage, squeaking out a 5-7, 6-2, 10-8 victory.

Our afternoon match was a challenge in maintaining focus vs. a weaker team.  I reminded Matt of the Fred Stolle saying, “SYMPATHY is in the dictionary between ‘Shit’ and ‘Suicide’!” (yes, I know, alphabetically it wouldn’t be).  So we stayed focused the whole way for a 6-0, 6-0 victory.

Today, we play another challenging team of Bob McAfee (MA) and Don McGoldrick (NY) to see who will advance to the semis vs. either Drilling/Kileef or Irvine/Jonsson in the afternoon’s matches.

For all the round robin results, just click HERE.

My Son’s Achilles

Thanks to all who took the time to share their stories about having a similar injury.  He said the input was extremely helpful as he saw the doctor yesterday afternoon.

He reports … “75% to 95% torn.  Needs surgery.  2 to 6 weeks non-weight bearing then 10 weeks in a boot.  Out of work for 1 week, work from home 1 week.”

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6 thoughts on “New Round Robin Format?

  1. George,

    Fred’s comment probably comes from an alphabet he made up!

    It sounds that with that much of a tear, your son would definitely need the surgery. He should have a good recovery and proper rehab. Best of luck to him.


  2. Am enjoying the tournament format very much. Although there are more people playing more matches later in the event, I’m sure that by limiting players to just one event it is MUCH easier for the organizers to schedule the matches. ASC may be one of the few places that can pull of a tournament like this AND also run another tournament at the same place and time. I have not talked to anyone yet who doesn’t like the RR format.

    As for “cons”… One is that the people putting players out on courts seem to have never done this before and there were several mix-up’s. Our opponents arrived early and were sent to a court to wait for us (and practice). Although my partner and I arrived early as well, no one knew that our opponents had been sent to a court so we waited for them near the check-in desk. Finally someone figured out they were waiting for us on court and sent us out. So, we started late, had a long match, ending late – and had 20 minutes rest before our next match.

    Really though – great tournament. I hope they do it again next year.

  3. Many guys not use to playing two matches in one day were hurting. Guys were in bed at 730 and suffering from cramps.

    Phil, read my story today!! george

  4. Tom and I are really enjoying the round robin format over at Sanchez. Tennis is all about friendship and sportsmanship (as perfectly defined by the Aussies back in the 50s and 60s), and I think the Sanchez format promotes both of those. Has been a lot of fun catching up with old friends and the matches have been great. Can’t wait for next year. Scoot

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