New Doubles Tournament

The new doubles-only tournament in January has just been certified – and will be a Category III National Tournament, with points counting towards your national ranking and the winners receiving 300 points.

New Format

According to tournament founder Larry Turville.  “I am very pleased that, with the assistance of Mas Kimball on the Adult Competition Committee and board member of the new NSMTA National Senior Men’s Tennis Association, we were able to get the support of the USTA National and Florida staff to be able to sanction the event.  And as bonus it is sanctioned as a Cat III.  If successful, I hope to have other tournaments adopt the format and possibly in singles as well.”

Being called the 1st Annual NSMTA Doubles Championships, the tournament will use a new format with all age brackets (55-80) starting with round robin play (affording each team three matches to play) and then feeding into either the quarter- or semi-final rounds (depending on the size of the draw) and no consolation bracket.

This new event will provide a totally different format than tournament players are used to seeing,” says NSMTA’s Mas Kimball, “and will use best two of three sets with a match tiebreak in lieu of a third set during the round robin portion; and then three full sets in the later rounds. So, with a 16 draw for example, there will be four flights of four teams each playing the other teams in their flight. The four winning teams will come out to a semi-finals and play best 2 of 3 full sets to the finals.”

Time and Place

The tournament will be held Wednesday – Saturday, January 10-13, the week before the first Florida Super Senior Grand Prix event at the World Tennis Club.  And it will be hosted by Academia Sanchez-Casal (Naples Bath and Tennis).

For more information, check the website HERE or contact Larry Turville at 239-207-6604 / or Mas Kimball at 508-560-6111 / .  They will also be sharing information for players looking for age-group partners.

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2 thoughts on “New Doubles Tournament

  1. btw, according to the USTA: 2017 Category III …
    At Category III tournaments, you’ll find alternative formats such as round-robins, limited-draws or different scoring options, while maintaining the tournament quality for which national USTA events are known. In 2017, all Category III tournaments will receive triple points for national rankings.

  2. Thanks to all of the people responsible for being willing to try something outside of the box , your efforts will be appreciated .

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