Empty Ball Cans?

Do you feel like there should be SOMETHING that can be done with empty tennis ball cans?  And how about all those used tennis balls multiplying in your tennis bag?

What can you do with them?

I wish I had an answer for the empty cans, but I don’t.  Some people must have a use for them, because they sell on EBay for $.50 to $1 per can!

Does anyone have a creative solution to make use of them?

Used Balls

For me, I save up my once/twice used tennis balls and give them to Spike Gonzales to use in his programs teaching kids.  Everyone must know someone who works in the field and can add some more use to the balls we discard.

Or if you know someone who has dogs who like to chase/chew tennis balls, a bag full is usually welcome.

Up north where we have a ball machine, the bag of used balls can be significant.  So disposing of them becomes even more challenging.

Any other ideas on re-purposing the cans or the balls?

Longboat Key Tournament

This week, Chuck Kinyon and I travel north to outside of Sarasota to play in the very nice CAT II event on Longboat Key.  This is my last event in the 70s (playing doubles only here) and Chuck and I squeezed out a seed as one of the #5s.

It is a strong field, full at 16 teams + the tournament has a record number of sign-ups at a whopping 326 players from around the country.  Full the full list of seeds and the draws (when they come out later today), just click HERE

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10 thoughts on “Empty Ball Cans?

  1. When the old tennis balls are no longer suitable for play, lessons or even a ball machine, I donate them to rehab and assisted living facilities. They put them on the bottom of the walkers of their residents. When my mom was in a rehab facility, I brought them a garbage bag and they were ecstatic.

    Steve, a great idea! thanks, george

  2. I play with the balls once. discard the can, (hard courts) and then leave them for the pro’s basket and consider it a donation to Jr. Tennis programs!

    Jim, tks. george

  3. Another good use of tennis balls is for the bottom chairs at elementary schools. It helps the chairs slide around without scuffing up the floors. Teachers love them and so does the maintenance staff.

    Doug, another excellent idea! thanks, george

  4. For over a decade I’ve sent thousands of used tennis balls from coaching and teaching to a company called REBOUNCES. They’ll provide a prepaid shipping label for you to send boxes of 200 balls or more at a time to them. Recently they joined with Laykold to supply used tennis balls to be recycled into tennis courts. They also distribute a machine that tennis clubs can use to refresh tennis balls for reuse. You can read all about what they do and how to participate at REBOUNCES.COM.

    Ron, thanks, george

  5. I am a retired Elementary teacher. I took the labels off the tennis cans and use them for storage of small items, for students to use in their desks for pencils erasers etc. An elementary teacher can always find a use for an empty container with a lid. Donate to your local school or teacher.

    Elise, and with the balls as commented earlier! thanks, george

  6. George, the solution is to have ball cans recyclable. The plastic is but it is attached to metal which requires cutting off. Shouldn’t there be a way to have the can all plastic or have the metal easily removable so it can be separated. For a tournament with 326 players as Longboat Key they probably go through 500 cans which all go in the trash. In Europe they have gone back to all metal cans which can be recycled but they are more expensive. How many cans do we use a year in the US millions, and all go in the dump? Should be a better way.

    larry, that frustrates me too! when we fill our ball machine and toss away all those cans, it bothers me. george

  7. Hi George,
    I use old tennis can for target practice on the serve. Eric

    Eric, in my case, a few cans would never get hit and last forever!! george

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