ITF Tournament at Sanchez-Casal

L-R Me, Matt, Gary Pederson, Fred Drilling (Bartlett pic)

This week was the inaugural play of a new ITF tournament at the Sanchez-Casal Academy (in Naples Bath & Tennis); and Matt Davie (age 77) “played down” to team with me for 70s doubles.

International Players

There were players from all over the world in this event, which precedes the World Team play, singles and doubles championships being played in subsequent weeks at the new USTA facility in Lake Nona, Florida.  But the small draw in 70 doubles was an all-American affair.

Tuesday’s Match

My solid-serving lefty partner and I drew the #2 seeds, Don Long and Don Keenan, on Tuesday.  Long is one of the top 70s players in the country and had teamed with Fred Drilling a couple of tournaments back to win the National Clay Courts in Pinehurst.

Matt and I squeaked out a close first set at 6-4; but shot out of the gate in the second set to take a (insurmountable??) 5-0 lead.  But they held serve for 5-1… broke my serve for 5-2… held serve for 5-3.  Matt was serving, with Mr. MO solidly on the Long/Keenan side of the court; but he did his thing and we held serve for a 6-4, 6-3 upset win.

Wednesday’s Finals

Today, we had to face the #1 seeded team of former ATP touring pro and World #1 Fred Drilling and his first-time partner of Gary Pederson.  It was extremely windy, with the ball moving 5-10 feet sideways on some shots.

The first set was mostly all on serve, until we broke and held for a close 6-4 opener.  The second set was equally close… and again, we prevailed for another big upset and a 6-4, 6-4 victory.

Other Matches

Fred could take solace in winning the 75 singles and taking home $100 in prize money ($0 for doubles winners); and Don Long could take solace in playing the 70 singles finals tomorrow. And Larry Turville will be playing the 65 singles finals as well.

For full results, click HERE and click on the “Results” tab.

What a Week!

With no false modesty, this has to be one of the most successful tennis weeks in my “middle of the pack” tennis career… in addition to the two big tournament wins, it started on Monday with a practice doubles match win with partner Howie Ames over Jimmy Parker!

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13 thoughts on “ITF Tournament at Sanchez-Casal

  1. George, that’s a tremendous series of wins! Did they make you pee in a cup?

    Rick, too dehydrated to pee! Thanks. George

  2. Great wins George. Your chest will really be puffed out when you get to Newks!

    Andy. Thanks. George

  3. Congratulations, George!! Middle of the top of the pack, I would say!

    Nick, thanks. Are you in Siberia? george

  4. Great tournament results for you and your next year 75+ partner – should help get you seeding consideration – Also a nice practice win over Jimmy Parker who won the 70 singles at Pinehurst recently adding to his men’s total gold balls #1 status – he has a ways to go to catch the women’s #1, tennis hall of fame member and mother of Brian Cheney, Dodo Cheney – she only leads by a little more than 250 gold balls! She must be smiling down at us from the #1 tennis facility in heaven!

    Winder, thanks. i was thinking the same about seedings. But doesn’t Jimmy have something like 125 gold balls himself?? george

    George: Yes, Jimmy is in the 125 gold balls range ; Dodo finished with 394 Gold Balls! More than amazing record. Winder

  5. Well done George. Your hard work is paying off!! I had an ankle fusion August 17. I am out of a cast and into a boot and things seem to be healing well. Hopefully I will be hitting balls on January.

    Bill, I have been following your ankle issue and hope to see you back on the court asap. George

  6. With all those impressive wins you should have Tom carry your tennis bag at camp. Nice going!

    Phil, spoke with the “Columbus Crowd” about you… tennis and dinner when they come to town. thanks, george

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